Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify (JICDAQ) May 2021

Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify (JICDAQ) was established for the purpose of third-party certification of the quality of digital advertisement.

JICDAQ sets the business process standards for “Brand Safety ensuring the quality of the ad place” and “Exclusion of Invalid traffic (including Ad fraud)”. And certify companies who operate business complying to the standards.

Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations have been designated as a validation vender which check companies meet the standards JICDAQ set. In other countries, ensuring the quality of digital advertisement is addressed actively. Other ABCs in the world play important roles with validation job. We dispatched our staff to the ABC UK who has been at the forefront of this kind of work for more than a decade. And the staff took training about validation job. We will update our validation job keeping communicate with the UK ABC and the other ABCs in the world.

We will inform new information on this site.

IFABC Newsletter June 2014

The IFABC Europe Group held a very useful and successful meeting in Zagreb at the beginning of May. The event was superbly hosted by Sinisa Zugic and Igor Kern of ABC Croatia and the programme was put together by Magnus Paulsson and colleagues, with moderation from Richard Foan. The keynote external speaker was Dominic Lyle, Executive Director of EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies). He presented the findings of research he carried out amongst the members of his European Media Council, looking at what the agencies think about audit bureaux and what services they would value from ABCs in the future Read More 

IFABC Newsletter May2013

It is clear from our discussions in Vienna, at the Executive Board and more widely, that audit bureaux the world over are facing the same challenges (huge growth in digital media, decline in print, more commercial measurement ‘competition’, cost pressures from members). Many of these we identified in the “Future ABC of 2015” report that was presented at the GA in Madrid Read More