A new Executive Board and President have been appointed to serve for the next two year term at the 29th International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) General Assembly, held by video conference on Friday 9th October. 

Executive Board members and the President are voted for by delegates representing the 27 IFABC member countries.

The new 2020-22 members of the Executive Board are:

  • Alexandra Beier-Cizek - OEAK, Austria
  • Arina Ureche - BRAT, Romania
  • Hormuzd Masani - ABC, India (IFABC Honorary Treasurer & President of Asia Pacific Regional Group)
  • Jean Paul Dietsch - ACPM, France (President of the European Regional Group)
  • Kai Kuhlmann - IVW, Germany
  • Manuel Sala - OJD, Spain
  • Pedro Silva - IVC, Brazil (President of the Iberoamerican Regional Group)
  • Simon Redlich - ABC, UK (IFABC President)
  • Tom Drouillard - AAM, USA (IFABC Secretary)


Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC UK, was elected to be the new President.


Simon commented, “I’m delighted and honoured to lead IFABC for the next two year term. As one of the founder members of this federation, ABC UK has always valued the opportunities it delivers to advance best practice and innovation in auditing and media measurement on a global scale. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Pedro Silva for his tremendous service to IFABC as President over the last six years. I will do my best to live up to the high standard he has set.”


IFABC is a global federation of member bureaux. It provides a forum for these organisations to come together, share knowledge and develop collaborative solutions that support trust and transparency in media. A recent initiative was the launch of the Global Certified Media list, giving buyers access to nearly 15,000 audited media properties.


This was the first year the General Assembly was held by video conference due to the current global health restrictions.

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About the IFABC

The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) is a voluntary federation of industry-sponsored organizations throughout the world that are united by their work within the media industry. IFABC members have a common commitment to the accurate and transparent reporting of comparable data used for the evaluation of media channels. This commitment to accountability and transparency involves services of independent third-party audit and certification of the various data sets used within media ad trading. The work of the member bodies spans many channels including print, digital, events, OOH, TV, Influencer Marketing and continues to expand as the media industry evolves and changes. The Federation seeks to encourage and facilitate the ongoing exchange of experience and best practice between member organizations.  For more information, visit