AMAA new audited website measurement service announced

The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) today announced the launch of its new audited website measurement service, which will provide members with a range of audited website metrics to use when buying and selling online advertising.

The service will consist of a comprehensive audit and reporting framework delivered exclusively by the AMAA that will include average daily unique browsers, page impressions and session data metrics. These are based on global standards set by the IFABC and are part of a broader suite of metrics the AMAA is exploring, which include unique devices and video activity.

Dr Stephen Hollings, Chairman of the AMAA said the new service was developed to deliver metrics that are accessible by the smallest website publisher to the largest and which are in line with the AMAA’s existing audit services.

"The service builds upon our members’ desire for website measurement that carries the same level of auditing rigour and transparency that we apply to print and events. Our non-profit mission remains focused on bringing accountability and trust between advertisers, agencies and publishers in an ever-changing media industry,” said Dr Hollings.

The AMAA’s audited website measurement service is made up of four key elements; a tag management system, automated site scanning technology, an analytics platform, and audit services along with data reporting which will be delivered by the AMAA to ensure robust and consistent audited measurement.

The development of the service followed the completion of the request for proposal process begun in May this year to select an analytics platform. This was overseen by a technical review committee that brought together advertiser, media buyer and website publisher members and was independently chaired by Christian Bartens, founder and director at Datalicious and chair of the ADMA Data and Analytics Expert Group. 

The review committee assessed analytics platform vendors on pre-agreed selection criteria, which included methodology, quality of service, relevance, scale and capacity - with comScore’s Digital Analytix product selected as the analytics platform.

 The independent committee was made up of a range of industry professionals: 

  • Christian Bartens (Chair)- Datalicious
  • Sarina Ballauff - UM Australia
  • Ricky Chanana - Maxus Australia
  • David Gaines - Edentify
  • John Grono - GAP Research
  • Steven Kiernan - Haymarket Media
  • Richard Lindley - Realview Technologies
  • Kylie McCaig - Private Media
  • James Perry - Gorilla Nation
  • Brian Rock - Ten Network

Paul Dovas, AMAA’s chief executive officer, expressed his gratitude for the previous arrangement with Nielsen and explained what this new approach means for the industry and its members.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Nielsen over the last four years and while today's announcement represents a new era and a new approach by the AMAA, our commitment to deliver census-based, audited website measurement to our members remains as important as ever.”

The AMAA will commence implementation of the new service in the coming weeks with the first reporting of data scheduled for December.

The organisation will be providing more information during its half-day Accountability in Ad Spend Conference on Wednesday 23, October 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you are interested in attending please contact Marketing.

Members can register for further information with an email to Ben Willson