Madrid IFABC 2012

The IFABC is the largest and most recognized tripartite worldwide organization which audits and reports circulation figures for more than 12.000 printed publications and 3000 sites on the Web.Our federation and its local members are the reference in the media and advertising market,playing a vital role between media buyers and media sellers.

The challenges of the digital era in which we are inmersed, provide us with the chance of expanding our task and functions. Therefore, your attendance to this conference is critically important, giving you the occasions on listening to qualified speakers and expert panels on this dynamic market. 

As you probably know the IFABC was founded in Stockholm in 1963. So we will be making the most on celebrating the coming Golden Jubilee.

The biennal IFABC Conference has taken place in many different locations over the years.Now, the XXV General Assembly is coming to Madrid hosted by INTROL OJD. This is the first time that such an Assembly has been held in Spain since Seville in 1998.

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The IFABC Executive Board is developing plans for the General Assembly program. Futher news related to the Assembly will be shown as it is going along. I kindly recommended you to have a look every now and then in order to be updated.

Dear friend, we hope to have all of you in Madrid.


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