Scam impacting IFABC members

On Wednesday April 12, the AMAA in Australia was approached by phone by a scammer pretending to be one of our IFABC members, Dr Roberto Moreyra from Argentina requesting money to assist with organising visas for Australia. The caller also referred to our President as well.

Following a couple of hours of nearly constant calls and messages from the 'scammer' and some contact by the AMAA of fellow colleagues, namely Mr Hormuzd Masani from India, Matthews in Malaysia and finally Pedro Da Silva in Brazil we were able to ascertain this was indeed a scam and Dr Moreyra had no problem with travel or his family, or funds.

We have since found that many IFABC members were contacted across the world, claiming to be one or other member of the IFABC in urgent need of assistance and financial support to enable them to travel into a country to organise a family members repatriation.

Please note that if you receive any telephone calls or emails purporting to be from either Pedro or Roberto or other member of the IFABC requesting money to be sent to the Philippinges please disregard. IFABC members would not approach you in this way. Please check the email address that has been used and confirm using our members real email addresses.


Heather Craven