Romanian ABC (BRAT) reports New Vice President positions in organizational restructure

Beginning with 2018 BRAT modified the organizational structure of the Association with the creation of the Vice President position within the organization. Along with the President of the Organization, there are four positions of Vice President within BRAT, corresponding to each of the four departments: print, online, radio and outdoor.

The role of Vice President is automatically assigned to the person receiving the highest vote in the departmental election for the Board of Directors of the Association. This structural modification became necessary due to the continuous growth and development of the activity of each department, that needed a stronger and more direct representation in the Association’s management compartment. The Vice President main role is to oversee the activity of each department and to impose any action deemed necessary to accomplish the objectives of the department. He has veto right within the Board of Directors meeting in matters related to the activity of his department and can, along with the President, represent the Association in third party relations.

The Vice Presidents of BRAT for the period 2018 – 2020 are:
1. Online: Dragos Stanca (Managing Partner, Thinkdigital Internet & Advertising, online sale house)
2. Print: Silviu Ispas (Development Director, Best Advertising, print sale house)
3. Radio: Mihai Trandafir (Managing Director, BV McCann-Erickson, ad agency)
4. OOH: Elvira Munteanu (General Manager, Universal Solution, outdoor sale house)

BRAT is Joint Industry Committee for the Romanian media industry and measures the audience of the print and online environment, audits print circulations and monitors investment in advertising (print, online, radio and outdoor). BRAT measurements and monitoring are independent and transparent, based on professional standards established by its members, in line with international standards.

For more information please visit the website: or contact the IFABC representative Ms Arina Ureche