OJD Spain launches OJD Outdoor

OJD Spain has recently launched OJD Outdoor, a pioneering service for certifying outdoor advertising results.

OJD Outdoor audits OOH and DOOH campaigns in two different ways.

The service audits the inventory used for campaigns and campaigns’ execution, duration and efficiency. The aim of this service is to guarantee transparency and trust in the advertising industry.

The presentation of this pioneering service in Spain took place in a media forum organized by the Spanish Advertisers Association on March 20, 2018.

“OJD Outdoor is a completely new service in Spain and through it, we want to offer reliance and transparency to advertisers on their outdoor campaigns”, explains Manuel Sala, CEO of OJD Spain.

The first client to join this new service is Clear Channel, one of the world's largest outdoor media companies. Moreover, the first campaign audited was for Fanta Zero, the soft-drink brand owned by the Coca-Cola European Partners company.


OJD Spain launches OJD Events, the new service to audit event attendance and results

The new service audits any kind of event attendance and results, based on the information collected in the three event stages: pre-event, event day, and post-event.

The first event certification was for Beon Worldwide, one of the largest Spanish events agencies. The event that was certified it’s “XI edition Cinco Días Innovation Prizes, for PRISA Noticias (the leading press media company in Spain). The event took place on July 5th, 2018 in Madrid.

OJD Events certification is performed in three stages:

• Pre-event: During this stage, the call and registration process for the event is verified. It includes online registration system, newsletter for the event announcement results, online advertising campaigns in media and other marketing actions.

• Event Day: This stage looks at the activity during the event. It certifies the attendance and attendees’ profile by analyzing the data collected through registration or ticket sales and daily attendance such as entries, time spent for attendees at the event’s locations, etc…

• Post-event: Refers to the audit of the event’s media impact and is focused on certifying the total value of the media clipping according to market standards.

The aim of this service is to provide transparency and trust of events and creating new certification standards, for the benefit of sponsors.