BPA Interactive audits reveal 71% of websites could be under reporting traffic data

Shelton, CT July 12, 2011 – Media owners go to great lengths to measure and analyze traffic to their websites as they vie to attract advertisers. But in spite of their efforts, many may not be counting all of the visitors to their sites.
Based on results from more than 900 audits, BPA Worldwide has found that 71% of sites analyzed had not tagged every page. For those sites, on average 11% of all pages went without the crucial traffic tracking tags.“If websites contain pages that are untagged, the potential is there for media owners to considerably under-report the amount of traffic to their sites,” explained Pete Black, Senior VP of Business Development at BPA. “The BPA Interactive technology allows us to uncover those pages that are not tagged and ensure sites are getting full credit in the eyes of online advertisers and media buyers.”

Unlike web analytics tools, part of the BPA Interactive audit process involves verifying the integrity of tag placement. The tag audit, which is performed on a regular basis, is provided free of charge to BPA Interactive member and applicant sites.

“The online marketplace is getting more and more competitive,” Black continued. “If websites are under reporting traffic as a result of missing tags, they could be leaving money on the table. There is also an internal impact in that business decisions may be faulty when they are made on analytic data that is inaccurate.”

About BPA Worldwide
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