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The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) is a global federation of industry-sponsored organisations that recognises that in the fast-paced media landscape, advertisers and ad agencies need the certainty that comes from consistent and independently verified, readily accessible media data for advertising planning and investment.

The IFABC member organisations deliver services designed to support transparency and accountability in the media data that is used in advertising trading in their respective markets.



IFABC General Assembly 30th


The IFABC’s 30th General Assembly “IFABC 2022: International Trends / Certification / Visions in the new decade”, was held in the heart of Vienna. Hosted by the Österreichische Auflagenkontrolle (ÖAK), Austria, in Vienna from September 27th to 29th, 2022 the session enabled members to connect, share experiences on media audit and assurance work around the globe and look towards future innovation.

It also included the voting in of the new IFABC Executive Board.

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive of ABC UK, was re-elected as President for a second term, with Tom Drouillard, CEO of the U.S.-based Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) and Hormuzd Masani, Secretary Genreal of ABC India, also re-elected as the group’s Secretary and Honorary Treasurer respectively. Read more..


IFABC Global Certified Media List

The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) is launching the first downloadable, easy to use excel spreadsheet with nearly 15,000 independently verified media properties from 22 participing countries from around the globe. The report delivers advertisers, marketers and media agencies with a resource to to build white lists of trusted media sources, source new media opportunities or confirm their own databases of media options.

The report highlights the media brands by format including print magazine and news, websites and apps, events, web, radio, out-of-home, influencers and other formats. The report also includes details about the intended audience (B2B or B2C) and whether the product is paid or free. Each listing includes links to the IFABC member that certifies the media brand.

Latest report: March 06, 2023

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How to create an ABC in your country

A practical guide featuring strategies, plans, actions and hints for those interested in creating an ABC. View the practical handbook.