Terms of Reference

The Event Audits Sub-Committee of the IFABC is composed of interested member organization representatives. Nominees were invited by the IFABC Secretariat and any other interested members should register their intent with the Secretariat. The committee reports to the Executive Board of the IFABC. 

Following each meeting, minutes approved by the committee are shared with the Executive Board and membership via the IFABC blog. At any Executive Board meeting, the chair of the committee may be asked to provide an update on the activity of the committee.


Collect information from members regarding the status of Event Auditing by member organizations.

Advise the IFABC membership on issues relative to Event Auditing and relevant metrics. 

Recommend to the IFABC membership the establishment of standards including definitions, measurement metrics and transparency in reporting for adoption by members. 

Review and recommend audit requirements, procedures and data reporting formats.

Offer strategies and direction for building the demand for Event Auditing verification.

Provide guidance and assistance to the IFABC for creating messaging to communicate standards to members and the media industry (Organisers, Exhibitors and other stakeholders) globally.  

Serve as an informal channel for distributing information or assistance to IFABC members including their advertising buyer and seller members to exchange ideas to advance Events as a marketing vehicle.

Liaise with organiser, exhibitor and other stakeholders to exchange ideas to advance events as a marketing vehicle, including the acceptance of IFABC standards.

Act as an advocate for reliable Event Audit data.

Develop and execute training and professional development programs for IFABC members regarding Event Audits and Standards.


The committee will meet as frequently as required until its mission is accomplished.

Committee members serve as volunteers without remuneration.


Five members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.  

Voting Procedure:

A majority of the committee members present at a meeting shall be sufficient for the adoption of any motion that is in order.  In accordance with the organization’s constitution and bylaws, a member may participate by conference telephone.