7 Know your allies and opponents

7. Know your allies and opponents

Before going out to meet the prospective members, it is worth assessing the players in the marketplace.

As any joint effort, creating an ABC implies working together with your partners. One would certainly want to work WITH those who support the idea, and ON those who resist it. Therefore, one needs to identify on the list created per point 6.1. those who are for and against the ABC idea.

Some practical advice:

• Mark the list of players with “pro” and “con” indexes, wherever you know them.
• Discuss with others to assess the position of those who you don’t know.
• Add an extra mark to those who are very favorable.
• Where there is any uncertainty, make sure you project if the player is a potential “pro”, or a potential “against” and why. Note their allies and how to build support across to those who are against an ABC.

Once this work is done, you are almost ready to go into battle.