9 Minimizing the obstacles

9.1. Who is against, and why?

If one wants to cope with ABC resistance, it is important to find out the reasons behind the resistance, as well as identifying those who are against the ABC idea.

Big players’ influence. It is very probable that in your market (just like in other markets elsewhere in the world), the pace of development is dictated by the biggest, influential players.

So, the more big players you can get on board, and the earlier you get them on board, the higher the probability of success.

Thus, it is very important to assess early on the attitude of the key market players towards the ABC concept. It is even more important to identify the position of the big publishers. Assess early, and for those big players who do not commit early, keep tracking and documenting their positions. Note any shifts in reasons for not making the commitment and why.

There are two types of negative attitudes: rational (related to business issues, money, etc.), and less rational (rather personal). Some reasoning against the ABC may be based on ignorance – a lack of knowledge and associated hearsay). Nonetheless, be aware that you cannot get on board anyone by characterizing their reasoning in a negative way! Make sure you can differentiate between sincere opposition and specious obstruction based on hidden interests.

Again, the database you’ve created earlier can be your best friend. Make sure you use it, and maintain the resistance-related information. Don’t forget to check the table in the 9.3.5 paragraph.

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