8 Maximize the potential

8. Maximize the potential

As with any business initiative (and if it was not mentioned, an ABC is a business, after all), numbers count.

Because of its novelty – the technological challenges, the potential for resistance, the lack of cooperation, the need for resources – one must ensure that there are enough supporters of the ABC idea. Not only in saying “yes”, but also in getting involved – by working for, and by financing, the ABC.

Just to make it very clear: if an ABC will audit only 5 percent of all the market players, it might not be likely to survive; therefore one should shoot for 80 percent as an involvement level.

In order to maximize the potential for an ABC, please go thru this short checklist:

• Do your homework
• Maximize numbers.
• Communicate effectively.
• Build a working team.
• Manage the initiative on a project basis.
• Get expertise from outside

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