8 Maximize the potential

8.3.5. Do not forget the feedback

Make sure you keep an open ear to the signs coming from the market. You will get a mix of messages, some will be positive, some will be negative.

You will probable hear a long array of NOs, so be prepared to react:


Counter argument

We will never be able to work together (I hate this guy). As long as we can identify some common goals, we may change our minds. Let’s put aside our disagreements, and see what do we have in common.
In our country there is no culture for this type of cooperation. Culture can change. Would you like to be the first to prove it can? Maybe you will find others who think the same way.
If “X” publisher (competitor) will not join, I won’t either. Take the advantage of being part of the initiative before them. You may find this as a good PR for your company. You may want to visit “X” competitor and ask him/her to join the initiative.
Why should I give a free lunch to my competition (e.g. work on a project, which competition will join later on)? Someone must pay the tuition fees. If not you, there will be someone else who will do it, and eventually get the credit for it. A market leader must always be progressive, and take the initiative.
It is too expensive. What is expensive? How do you know how much it will actually cost? Let’s first build a project, budget it, then we will come back to the money issue.
We don’t know how to do it There are people around the globe who can help you. Contact the IFABC and ask them to help. You will surely get the help that you need.
It is just too much work for me, I have my business to run. Indeed. Why don’t you co-opt some more people and spread out the workload? You may find someone young and adept to help you for nothing, or just inexpensively.
There is no way I will audit my figures, while my competitors will not. Remember, your goal isn’t to hide your figures. Your competitors know these anyhow. What we are talking about here is to audit them, so they become credible to your clients.
Our clients (advertisers and/or advertising agencies) do not need the ABC; they work on paybacks. Is this what they all do? If not, talk to those who are asking for audited figures.
It is mainly the advertisers and/or advertising agencies who need audited figures, not us (publishers) Not at all, since it is you (the publishers) who are selling to them.
My circulation is much lower than the big players. Why should I audit them? I am sure I will lose business this way. Since your publication exists, it means it serves a market (your readers and advertisers). Put this in the perspective of your market, not other’s. Will the audit improve your market position?
I don’t think this will bring me (publisher) more business. Maybe not. But for sure, you will stop giving irrational discounts, while your (non-audited) competitors will be forced to lower their offers.
Advertiser and/or media agency: “Let publishers bother with this. After all, it is them who shall be audited.” True, but it is a risk for you to let publishers only set up an audit system. Your role is to be there, and help manage the process. At the end of the day, it will be you who will work with those figures.

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