8 Maximize the potential

8.3.4. Channels of communications

Because you are probably part of the media/advertising industry in you country, you will probably know very well which communications channels are available. And you probably have your own resources, or your own friends who can give you a hand. I would like to discuss just a few, alternative/special channels.

Set up an “ABC initiative” blog, and make sure you write in it. Be prepared to get replies, and make sure you comment on them.

Create a dialogue online and use email to reinforce the contacts made, but in a more personal and detailed way. The email will allow you to target each and every publisher, advertiser, and agency, and their unique concerns

Produce a small “ABC initiative” leaflet, containing the essentials of your ABC initiative. This is a great tool to leave behind any meeting you have. And have this available in pdf format to send out via email. Remember to reinforce all formats of messaging with other types of messaging.

Make an “ ABC initiative” microwebsite, which links to other websites (and online platforms) and posted comments, an research summaries, and other informative articles, etc.

Get business journalists to report and write about the issue. If you have any marketing-specialized trade magazine, make sure that they are also writing about the ABC concept.

Be prepared to place the bug in the ears of your business partners. You probably meet a lot of people from the industry – do not forget to mention the ABC, each and every time.

If you have enough resources, or can find a sponsor, organize a gathering for the key market players, where you discuss the ABC idea. And do this in all key markets in your country.

Try to speak up at your industry’s meetings, conferences. Invite some foreign ABC (IFABC) executive to make a presentation.
If possible, keep the interaction with your targets by making and sending them a newsletter, on a say, monthly basis. This newsletter should be available in print and online.

Develop an SMS – Short Message Service – for mobile and smart phone use. And repeat the messaging and information that appears on your blog, in email blasts, and in print. This duplication is crucial. Use this SMS in a tactical way; use it once you believe that the contact or interaction with a prospective member was positive.

Whichever channels you will use, it is important to keep up the communications pressure. Do not open a communications channel, if you are not absolutely sure you can maintain it.

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