8 Maximize the potential

8.3.3. The messages

The ABC-related messages must be derived from the values noted above. One should take enough care to formulate messages which are positive, that encourage cooperation, and that focus on the benefits of each market sector.

Here is a list of prospective message themes to consider:

• Work together; build cohesion and trust.
• We will finally have audited figures.
• We (all) need credible figures.
• We will create an industry standard together.
• We are open to any idea coming from the market.
• The ABC will be owned and run by, and for the benefit of us, the industry.
• The ABC – it’s the source of credible numbers.
• The ABC will most likely be the first credible media information source in our country.
• The more credible, and the more successful the ABC, the more successful we (publishers) will be.
• Do you (advertisers, agencies) know how much of your money is spent on a legitimate cost basis?
• The press stands for truth, so must the ABC.

It is a matter of due diligence to work creatively to expand this thematic list, and/or adapt it more to your market situation.

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