6 Know your market

6.1. The players

Go through the checklist above. Identify the following players:

• Advertisers.
• Advertising agencies, media brokers.
• Media companies.
• Media organizations, such as publishers, other media, news agencies, newsrooms.
• Media research (opinion poll) companies.
• Chambers of commerce.
• Local branches of the global advertising industry bodies: IAA (International Advertising Association), WFA (World federation of Advertisers), WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers), FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press), etc.
• Printing houses.
• Press distribution companies.

Be sure to add the following information (classifications):

• Local versus international companies.
• Top/key (influent) players versus lower profile players.
• Top executive (decision-maker) name, position, and full contact data.

Finally, make sure you create and maintain a database with all this information – it will be of great use.

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