5 Values and principles governing an ABC

5.6. Equidistance from the market players

The notion of equidistance is a very important trust factor, especially in establishing and maintaining fair and balanced audit operations.

It is very important that the subjects of the audits (publishers) cannot interfere in the audit process and administration. A publisher should not be able to interact with auditors, the ABC’s administrative personnel, or with how the audit should be carried out.

There must be clear and detailed written protocols on how the audit process is to be carried out, as well as on how publishers have to provide data and documents to the auditors and/or ABC. Based on these rules, the auditor must independently carry out each and every audit.

This disinterested method of handling audit operations ensures thtat the ABC is at “distance” from its audit subject, in completing every audit.

The pricing and quality of audits are also contributors to the equidistance. Similar jobs must be priced in the same way, and the quality of the audits must be the same for each and every (similar) audit.

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