5 Values and principles governing an ABC

5.3. The industry standard

An ABC must aim to become (and actually it is) the organization that sets the standards for a given market. The ABC works to standardize data and thereby become the authoritative voice in its market.

Before and ABCs is established, each individual market player is using its own definitions and terminology. As an example, how are printed copies versus sold copies defined, and are these two principles differently interpreted by each individual market player? A lack of standardization can create many misunderstandings and problems.

In the countries where I have worked with ABCs the ABCs themselves introduced for the first time a clear and understandable set of standards related to circulations. Today, in these countries, the key players are using the ABC terminology when talking about press distribution.

The ABC has, in a sense, created a language not only for the trade of advertising, but also for business communications more generally.

Last, but not least, an ABC should seek to educate the market about its activities, rules and regulations, and on how to read and understand its audited figures, and use its standards.

Maintaining a standard makes it necessary to educate an ABC’s key publics about its standards, and to teach it how to communicate in the audited world of media.

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