5 Values and principles governing an ABC

5.2. Industry-ownership

Another feature of an ABC is its industry membership. Regardless of the legal frame of your country, it should be possible to create an organization where members (owners) are representative of the industry. This basis of membership creates the sense of ownership for the success of the ABC.

The most diverse structure of an ABC can be seen in countries where its members are advertisers, advertising agencies, as well as media owners. In some cases, there is an imbalance when an ABC is owned and operated only by advertisers or only by media owners. The key principle to consider is whether an ABC’s membership and ownership is representative of the media industry.

A representative ABC makes it possible for all sectors of the advertising industry to have a say in the creation and operating of an ABC. This quality will empower the audit service to become the standard for its market. It will early on and for the long term enhance the market’s acceptance and trust in the ABC and its services. This is another way of building trust.

An ABC with a diverse, representative membership will become the common denominator in working among its three key publics of media, advertisers, and advertising agenices.

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