4 Is the time right?

4. Is the time right?

Perhaps there is enough momentum to create an ABC in your country?

Nonetheless, while your intuition may suggest it, certain conditions in the marketplace will ensure your ABC’s successful development.

Here is a practical checklist:

• Level of market competition: the greater the number of players (advertisers, media agencies, publishers), the higher the probability that an ABC is needed.
• Size of the advertising market: the larger the market, the more resources that are available to form and finance an ABC. More advanced countries have a ratio of advertising expenditure related to GDP over one percent.
• Ratio of print advertising expenditure to other media: the greater the print advertising expenditures, the better the conditions for an ABC to be established.
• Level of unhappiness with the existing status: how many of your industry associates and competitors complain about the lack of credible information? Is the media covering the issue of inflated media “circulation” numbers?
• Level of foreign investors presence: the greater the foreign (international) investor presence, the greater the pressure on the market for credible media data. The international companies are accustomed to have this type of infrastructure, they have seen already an ABC. It is a part of their business climate and free market culture.

Make sure you are scrutinizing the data from a dynamic perspective that is conscious of the free market’s fluidity:

• Is the market growing?
• Did the level of foreign investment grow lately?
• Have multinational companies continued to enter your country’s market?

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