3 Why would you need an ABC in your country?

3. Why would you need an ABC in your country?

Have you, as an advertiser, had enough of the fairy tales told by publishers about their circulation? How many times have you asked for better media data from you suppliers (media agencies, publishers)? How many times have you actually received better data?

As a media agency, can you sincerely say that your agency is able to and actually providing good media plans? Do you have any idea about the basis of these plans? Are you sure the advertising money that you are proposing is being properly spent?

Have you, as a media agency, had enough of advertisers asking you for better media planning, and more accountability? Do you really trust the publishers’ figures?

As a publisher, have you ever been furious about the inflated figures used by your competitor(s)? How many times have you experienced the mistrust of your clients (advertisers, media agencies) toward your circulation figures? How many times have you accepted a higher discount only because there are no credible media figures on the market?

Have you all had enough? Is your market ready to move ahead and build a system that will provide fairer competition in the media marketplace of advertising?

If you have faced these questions repeatedly in recent years, you should consider developing an ABC.

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