2 The need for credible media information

2. The need for credible media information

In a country/market where an ABC has formed, there has been a strong need for more accountability of media in general, and the printed press in particular. This demand for accountability usually comes from advertisers and their partner advertising agencies. It also is driven by publishers who believe that accurate sales figures reflect the social responsibility demanded of independent media not only their editorial and information freedoms but also in competing fairly in a free market system.

The advertisers are interested in transmitting their messages to the public in order to increase sales, promote products or for purposes of developing corporate image, etc. The transmission mechanism is the media itself, which is creating communities of potential message consumers, and product or service buyers.

The advertising money flows in one direction – from the advertisers to the media, either directly or via media/advertising agencies. This is, in essence, an investment of advertisers in the media.

At the other end, the media is doing everything possible to be part of the advertising investment, in order to secure the advertising expenditures.

The media/advertising agencies play the role of intermediate. They handle advertisers’ media budgets, including planning, media mix, selection of media and schedules, selling, and optimising the media. They also maintain an ongoing trade relationship with the media in order to acquire the media space and schedule that is necessary to carry out the media plans agreed upon with their advertisers.

This activity is a continuous competition among clients for budgets and campaigns.

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