15 Diversifying

15. Diversifying, and going beyond print circulation audits

Little more than a decade ago, publishers were only dealing with printed titles. This radically changed in the last decade; there is now a multitude of channels/platforms which continuously distribute content: websites, e-mail, ipod, I-phone/SMS, e-publications, etc.

So the ABC’s job must change, too. Publishers and traditional media more generally must follow clients as they move from printed products audits to the new, online and digital media channels with matching distribution audits/measurements.

Pushed by their markets some of the ABC’s extended their activities beyond auditing into areas such as: readership/viewership/listenership surveys (print, television, radio, etc.); media usage surveys (target group indexes); other above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) media measurement (visitors of exhibitions, etc.), and other services (advertising expenditure monitoring, rate-card standardizing, etc.)

The developments of ABCs beyond the classical circulation audits was propelled by the need for new, credible media information, and built on the basis of high trust of the market players in the values and operations of the ABCs.

A newly formed ABC must focus on the core concept and operation first: the circulation audits. It should create a success story, which can act as the impetus for further development. Whatever development direction the ABC takes, it must always manage properly its principles and values to best serve its clients and market.

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