14 The manager of the ABC

14.8. Training and mentoring

Now you have someone who needs to be introduced to the market.

Make sure you take the new employee to all meetings of the initiative group, and introduce him/her to everybody. Have members of the group alternate this task.

Sit down with him/her and discuss the values and principles of the ABC. Go thru the tasks to be undertaken. See what the person can immediately do, and discuss what needs more preparation. In other words, the initiative group should have an action plan ready, with tasks, objectives, and time line.

Do not hesitate to let he person make his/her own decisions, and be willing and flexible to correct inevitable mistakes.

Set strategic objectives for each developmental aspect of the ABC, and discuss the work plan with him/her. Let the person work. Ask for progress reports. Review the reports, and verify if the objectives to be met.

If you do this job well, the new person will integrate smoothly into your group, will become self-confident, and will look up to members of the initiative group as mentors.

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