14 The manager of the ABC

14.7. Hire and keep the person

Once your top candidate is determined, write a letter to the other applicants (it can happen your best candidate will not take the job, change his/her mind, etc.), so be prepared to contact the others, and maintain a good relationship with them!

Have an employment contract ready. If the ABC is not established yet, you must agree with your initiative group to nominate some of the companies within the group to hire the person on an interim basis (and when the ABC will be established, you will rewrite the contract).

This interim period can be quite difficult. If there is no one to hire the person, but you need him/her, make sure to keep the person, and get him/her paid! If the ABC is established, but it has no income yet, you can hire the person, but you must arrange for his/her payments.

Any solution that will keep the desired candidate is good. Be creative. Most importantly, if you find someone who is good, do not let him/her get away! You do not want to restart the whole selection process from zero!

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