14 The manager of the ABC

14.5. Interview people

Invite the selected people to a personal interview. Ask them to bring any documents which may add to, or support their application.

It is good if you can have assistance from a professional to help you with the interviews. Nevertheless, you must clearly set the goals for the interviews: to personally meet the applicants selected in order to assess if they match up with the job profile, and if they have the necessary skills and willingness to do the job. It’s not an easy task.

Whatever your interviewing skills, make sure you exclude those who try to deceive you. Be prepared to identify the intelligent and honest people. If there is any skill you cannot assess by just talking to the person, make sure you run a test. For instance, if you want to make sure the person speaks good English, make sure you have an English conversation with the person, or if you are not good at English, get someone competent to talk to the person.

Again, make sure you will make an objective decision. Have your scorecard with you. Do not decide up or down during the interview. If you have someone who assisted you, sit down and talk. Decide later.

Introduce the best applicants to the group

It is a good practice to set in advance the number of applications that will be in the final decision pool. This is totally arbitrary, and it depends on the depth of talent in the job market, the quality of the applications, and the time and resources you have to make the selection.

If you don’t feel confident with an arbitrary number, just take the best 3-5 applications.

If you are in doubt about the top five, conduct another type of interview – even via phone or per some written questions to be answered in a second meeting.

Finally, who will make the final choice? Work via consensus, not just a majority vote of the selection committee. Present this to the entire initiative group for their approval.

Naturally, the final two applicants should be invited to meet personally the initiative group. Ask each to make one final presentation as the chosen new director and to present a plan of ABC development in a 10-minute time frame.

Based on these final presentations, choose your new director via consensus.

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