14 The manager of the ABC

14.4. Reviewing and selections from the applications

Before doing any selection, one must think of the hiring process in terms of how many people are expected to apply, how many total interviews will be required (maybe several rounds) over what period of time, from how many final candidates?

If the response to the ad is low, you will probably have to take a thorough look at each application. By contrast, if there is a big response, you may have an easier job. You may develop a check list of preferred qualities in narrowing down the list. Nonetheless, you need to be able to anticipate the rate of response and churn of the applications, in order to set up the appropriate selection process.

As the applications arrive at the designated address, the selection should take into consideration the following:

• Did the applicant read (understood) the advertisement? Exclude those applications, which clearly didn’t follow the instructions of the ad (didn’t come on time, documents missing, etc.).
• Content of applications. Are there any applications which are far from matching the ad requirements? Exclude these.
• Is there any very interesting application? You may keep applications which are missing some items above, but look very promising.
• Are there enough applications? Run the ad again, ask the people you know to propose candidates.
• Taking into consideration the specificity of the ABC, consult with your allies on the applications, in order to exclude a “brick” – someone built-in by a market player, especially a publisher. The test of trust and independency must start even before you meet a given person.

It is important to make a score sheet and assess each of your items against this sheet. You must be able to make your selection on an objective basis, especially when you have a lot of applications. Never exclude an application for good. Make sure you write a scorecard for each application, and take the time to review again your assessment of each.

Once the selection process is done, prepare for personal interviews.

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