14 The manager of the ABC

14.3. Write and run a job advertisement

It is time to announce the job, so write and publish an advertisement.

Get someone who has experience in human resource management or in working with help wanted ads in media to write the advertisement. Or contact IFABC for some samples.

The ad must contain a brief description of the job to be carried out, and – if you think it is useful – a salary range. You may also want to mention if the job has a probation period or not.

Make sure you include the deadline of the application, the form and language in which the applicants must submit their applications, the (e-mail) address for applying online, and the supporting documents to accompany the resume. References are a good example.

Please also mention that an initial round of selection will be done, and the selected persons will be invited for a personal interview.

You probably have lots of contacts in the media; therefore, you should arrange for the ad to be displayed in many places. If needed, make sure the ad has multiple insertions.

If anyone from your contact group proposes a person, don’t say no. Just make sure that the same process and requirements are used. Practice due process and equal employment opportunity.

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