14 The manager of the ABC

14.2. What person do we need?

Once the tasks and their associated objectives are delineated, it is time to decide what type of manager will lead the ABC. Per my own experiences, think of a young person, entering his/her career.

Here is a summary of desired character traits and assets for this person:

• Recent graduate (engineer, or economic/finance/accounting school – you need someone who understand numbers, and thinks system-wise).
• Has media background.
• Good English language skills (because the ABC will have international exposure).
• Speaking all official languages of the country (if it is the case).
• Computer savvy, plus skills (Word, Excel, Internet and current with all e-communication formats).
• Good communications skills – oral and written.
• Valid passport (you may want to send the person abroad for training).
• Living in the capital city (you don’t want to hire someone who needs hours to commute).
• No criminal record (you don’t want to have someone with a criminal record running the ABC, do you?).
• Available to start the work immediately.

Please consider these necessities, too.

• A driver’s license.
• Administrative and project management experience.

Proof of these necessities should be provided (such as copies of the diplomas, passport, etc.). Some are subject to later scrutiny (such as good communications, flexibility, languages spoken, etc.).You must be aware of the disingenuous applicant, who can deceive via their resume. Verification of resume details should be done during the interview stage.

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