14 The manager of the ABC

14.1. Determine the tasks to be carried out

It was broadly discussed, and I hope by now it is clear which tasks a manager should undertake:

On the short term (working with the initiative group):

• Organize the meetings of the initiative group.
• Prepare all documentation and information of the initiative group.
• Record and write the minutes of the meetings.
• Organize and archive the documents of the initiative group.
• Handle any necessary translation of documents.
• Ensure communications within the group.
• Gather the information necessary for the audit system.
• Visit and talk to different market players.

On the long term (managing the ABC):

• Manage the membership and its development.
• Prepare the strategic and technical decisions.
• Plan and administer the audits.
• Organize the meetings of the ABC forums.
• Plan and execute financial operations.
• Plan and execute the communications.
• Be the ABC spokesperson.
• Report to the superior ABC forums.

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