12 Building a print circulations audit system

12.8.1. What SHOULD a circulations audit certificate display?

It is the discretion of any ABC to design the audit certificate which best fits its markets’ needs. Here is a list that shall be taken into consideration:

• Name, logo, frequency of issue and other information related to the publication audited, such as name and address of the publisher, contact information of the advertising sales of the publication, etc. This is necessary to identify the audit subject, the publication itself.
• The audit period: the time interval where the circulation data occurred.
• Name and logo of the ABC (THE STAMP of the audit).
• Audit opinion/information. Name of auditor(s), audit statement, etc.
• Circulation data.

If there is not too much to resolve for these first items on the list, there may be discrepancies between what circulation data an ABC may WANT to, and may be ABLE to display on an audit certificate. The theoretical framework (wish list) created during the design of an audit certificate may be in conflict with the reality in the market (can-do list). This is probably the most important test an ABC should apply when building an audit system.

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