12 Building a print circulations audit system

12.17. Administration

The ABC administration must keep full records of its members, handle new incoming members, as well the departure of members.

The office(s) of the ABC must carry out the whole range of administrative work needed to keep the organization running, including communication with members, collection of membership fees, handling documents, organizing meetings and press conferences, providing legal assistance, etc.

Regardless of the audit system, a great deal of administration is involved in carrying out the audits. The ABC shall be in total control of the process.

An ABC should administer and maintain the list of the publications audited. There are new entrants and leaving publications. Each publication has its own data to be registered: from the name, frequency of issues, to the responsible persons for the audit and communication with the ABC and auditors. Accurate record keeping is a must.

There must be well-maintained records on the programming of the audits. The greater the number of publications joining the ABC audit, the larger the volume of information to be maintained.

The ABC also has the role of programming the audits, and communicating with the auditors and publishers. An ABC should always know exactly when each publication will be audited, which auditor will execute the verification, etc.

In case the ABC is collecting the audit fees, there is further – financial – administration to be maintained: invoice issuing, debt collecting, etc.

If the primary data is sent to the ABC, there is a large amount of information to be verified, sorted, stored, and sent to auditors. If the primary data goes directly to the auditors, the ABC must be in continuous contact with the auditors, in order to know if there is any delay.

It can, and will happen in many instances that the administration of the ABC is required to take some action in the audit process. The ABC should be able to react immediately to any such problem.

It is the role of the ABC administration to verify the incoming audit reports, to decide if there is a need for further audit work, and to publish the results of the audits.

Yet another role of the ABC is to respond to inquiries coming from the market, answer the questions, and explain how the ABC works. Handling complaints is also a task to be carried out by the ABC administration.

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