11 Organizational structure

11.3. Administrative infrastructure

The overall mission of the ABC must be assisted by an administrative infrastructure. The task of this infrastructure is to ensure the smooth operations of the general assembly, the board of directors and chairman, the audits, etc.

Here is a list of the work to be carried out by the administration.

• Organize and follow up on the ABC bodies’ (general assembly, board of directors, technical groups, etc.) meetings.
• Administrate the members.
• Administrate the finance of the ABC.
• Administrate the audit process.
• Write, handle, disseminate and archive documents and information.
• Ensure communications among members and with the public, at large.
• Prepare and execute other activities assigned by the decision-making bodies.

The head of this infrastructure is the general manager of the ABC.

The managing director’s job must be assigned to a person who is totally independent from each of the members. Many of the audit operations, and a large part of publishers’ sensitive business information will land on the desk of the managing director. Therefore, no one would like to take the risk of having an untrustworthy ABC general manager, along with an infrastructure – board of directors – that lacks credibility.

It is the task of the initiative group to design a structure that is trustworthy, and to make sure that the whole structure has procedures in place that prevent individual members from influencing the audit operations for their own person/business gains.

Please make sure that the ABC always has such safeguards in place, since it will happen many times that the office of the ABC will be under the pressure of members, who will want to have data bafore their competitors, or information which is confidential. It is prundent to prepare for these types of challenges, and to create clear rules on which information is public, and which is strictly confidential.

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