11 Organizational structure

11.2. Standardising bodies

For practical reasons, an ABC should be able to set up technical groups (standardising committees), who work on defining and designing the technical (audit and similar) rules of the ABC. While the board of directors should have as members the top managers of the member companies, the technical committees should be formed by technical people (finance, distribution, etc.), who can better oversee the details of the processes to be designed.

At the beginning of the process for forming an ABC, it is practical if the board of directors is taking the lion’s part of the construction of the audit rules. Later on, and by the diversification of the ABC portfolio (as mentioned earlier, an ABC can be able to deliver in the future other media audits, online measurements, research, etc.), these technical groups will become unavoidable.

The technical groups can be permanent, or work on an ad-hoc basis.

The technical groups will report to the board of directors and/or directly to the general assembly.

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