10 The initiative group

10.3. Managing the group

The initiative group should focus on completing its work during meetings. These meetings will be very tough, spiced with a lot of arguments and tensions. One must be aware of these problems; therefore, the preparation for each meeting must be thorough.

Organizing these meetings will cover the setting agendas, disseminating documents and information, writing minutes, inviting new prospects, finding proper places for the meetings, ensuring catering, etc.

It would be very useful to nominate a group manager, who will supervise the work.

You may also need to have some kind of administrative or secretarial support because there will be a lot of telephones, e-mails, translation and multiplication of documents, etc.

Try to get some members of the group to sponsor these activities: the secretary, meeting places, catering, etc. This sponsorship will be more efficient than asking the group members for money to finance its operations.

An alternative is to find an exterior sponsor (for instance, a private or government organization that could offer a grant for such industry wide initiatives as an ABC that create infrastructure within the fledgling free market system). Remember that this effort is a project in itself, and this approach can be useful only if there are such organizations in your country.

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