10 The initiative group

10.1. The first meeting of the group

When you decide there are enough people who are ready to join the initiative group, call for your first meeting. Make a short agenda, and send it in advance to the group members. You may want to include in your first meeting’s agenda the following items:

• Presenting the members of the group.
• Brief introduction of the concept, background information.
• Clarify why did the group meet.
• Identify the goal and objectives of the group.
• Identify the tasks of the group.
• Assign tasks to the group members, and review the resources.
• Make a working program: next steps, tasks, resources, timeframe.
• Write and agree upon the first press release of the initiative group.
• Set up your next meeting: agenda, date and place.

It is a good idea to organize a press conference for the next day after your first group meeting. Wherever I worked with ABCs, this public exposure for the ABC concept opened up the market, big time!. The whole press was writing for weeks about the event.

Do not neglect any available opportunity to involve group members in a public event. Be prepared to give interviews to the press.

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