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Royal Mail becomes an ABC associate member

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Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Board held 4.30pm, Thursday – 9 June 2016 in Hotel Ascona, Ascona, Switzerland


Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Board held 4.30pm, Thursday – 9 June 2016 in Hotel Ascona, Ascona, Switzerland

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva – President – in the Chair
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr Marco Bernasconi
Mr Hormuzd Masani
Mr Richard Foan
Mr Tom Drouillard
Ms Arina Ureche
Ms Josanne Ryan
Mr Manuel Sala

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation.

Chairman welcomed and congratulated the new Executive Board to their first meeting. He thanked Members for their confidence in him to lead the Federation for another term.

On a proposal by the Chairman and seconded by Ms Iwona Szczesna, and with all present in agreement, Mr Richard Foan was elected the Secretary for the new term.

On a proposal by the Chairman and seconded by Ms Iwona Szczesna, and with all present in agreement, Mr Hormuzd Masani was elected the Treasurer for the new term.

Treasurer said that there was a need to pass a Resolution to effect the change in the signatories to the bank account.
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) Bank Account No. 260-733720-178 in Euro currency with The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), 21 Collyer Quay, #7-01 HSBC Building, Singapore 049320 branch be operated by any two signing jointly out of the three authorized signatories, namely:

1. Mr Pedro Silva, President, IFABC
2. Mr Hormuzd B Masani, Hony Treasurer, IFABC
3. Mr Jacob Matthews, Secretariat, IFABC

The Secretaries said that they will be filing the Annual Returns and the Audited Accounts in due course.

It was agreed that the Executive Board meetings will be held the 1st Tuesday of the month at 12 noon (London time). Mr Foan sought for flexibility as he was very busy most days.

Chairman said that Spain/Poland/US/Switzerland/Finland/Australia/Romania/Germany/France had expressed interest at the recent GA in participating in the following projects:
6.1 OOH – Chairman said that he will take charge of this project.

6.2 Viewability – Chairman said that Mr Richard Foan/Mr Tom Drouillard will revert with a proposal on the way forward.

6.3 Ad Block – Chairman said that he will forward the presentation made at the ICOM conference to Members. He will also prepare a paper on what could be the consequence of ad blocking especially when using programmatic buying.

7. IFABC WORKPLAN FOR 2016-2018:
7.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy
7.1.1 General Principles – Arina Ureche and Manuel Sala to develop a set of guiding principles for IFABC.
7.1.2 Strengthening Industry Relations- WFA,WAN/IFRA, FIPP, ICOM and Agencies – Chairman said that there was a need to find the right source to reach WFA. WFA had created IFABC to solve a problem and then had been neglected. There was a need to be a part of their measurement solution/independent supplier.

7.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development
7.2.1 Global Data Library – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that the Secretaries will inform Members of the system.
7.2.2 Website – Ms Josanne Ryan said that she would speak to her colleagues to find out the tasks carried out in respect of the website.
7.2.3 Communication/PR – Chairman said that a media release should be released on the new appointments at IFABC. Mr Tom Drouillard said that he would be able to assist and requested Chairman to speak to Ms Susan at his office. He said that it would save the IFABC some funds.

7.3 Digital Standards and Measurement – Chairman/Mr Richard Foan – Chairman said that the future of the Digital Publications and Edition Committee should be reviewed.

7.4 Governance and Finance
7.4.1 Moving HQ – Marco Bernasconi and Mr Hormuzd Masani to consider the possibility of moving the HQ to Switzerland.
7.4.2 Census Reports – Chairman to speak to Ms Carolyn Morgan on the possibility of an annual report.
7.4.3 Finance – Mr Hormuzd Masani said that he will provide the financial statements at the next meeting.

7.5 GA 2018
7.5.1 GA Host - Chairman to speak to Mr Tom Drouillard on hosting the next GA

8.1 Mr Hormuzd Masani reported that Mr Manuel Sala had spoken to Mexico and they will be settling their annual dues in due time.

8.2 Chairman said that he will draft a letter for the Members to advise them of the new Executive Board and other GA matters.

8.3 Next Meeting – the next tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board will be held 12noon (London time), 5 July 2016.


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Minutes of the 27th IFABC General Assembly held 8-9 June 2016 in the Hotel Ascona, Ascona, Switzerland.


Minutes of the 27th IFABC General Assembly held 8-9 June 2016 in the Hotel Ascona, Ascona, Switzerland.

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva – President – in the Chair
IVC Brazil

Full Members
Asia Pacific
Audited Media Association of Australia represented by
Ms Josanne Ryan

ABC Chinese Taipei represented by
Ms Rosa Yang-Yu

ABC India represented by
Mr Hormuzd Masani

OEAK Austria represented by
Ms Alexandra Beier-Cizek

ABC Finland represented by
Mrs Kaija Sinko

OJD France represented by
Mr Jean-Paul Dietsch

IVW Germany represented by
Dr Kai Kuhlmann

ZKDP Poland represented by
Ms Iwona Szczesna

BRAT Romania represented by
Mr Silviu Ispas, Ms Arina Ureche and Constantine Popa

OJD Spain represented by
Mr Manuel Sala

WEMF Switzerland represented by
Mr Marco Bernasconi, Mr Roland Achermann and Mr Bruno Peterli

ABC United Kingdom represented by
Mr Simon Redlich and Richard Foan

AAM USA represented by
Mr Tom Drouillard

Proxies :
ABC Hong Kong represented by
Mr Richard Foan (UK)

ABC Japan represented by
Mr Hormuzd Masani (India)

ABC Malaysia represented by
Mr Richard Foan (UK)

CIM Belgium represented by
Ms Arina Ureche (Romania)

APCT Portugal represented by
Mr Manuel Sala (Spain)

TS Sweden represented by
Mr Manuel Sala (Spain)

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order.

The Secretaries read out the Notice of the Meeting.

Chairman welcomed Members to the 27th IFABC General Assembly.

Chairman requested Members present to introduce themselves. The Secretaries reported that the following Members had sent their apologies – Japan, Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina and Mexico.

Proxies were received from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Portugal, and Sweden.

On a proposal by Mr Tom Drouillard (USA) and seconded by Ms Iwona Szczesna (Poland) the minutes of the 26th General Assembly held 5-6 November 2014 having been circulated, were taken as read, and confirmed.

The Secretaries said that all matters arising have been included in the Agenda for the GA.

Chairman said that the Executive Board which was elected in November 2014 in Rio had a short tenure of 18 months. One of the key tasks that was accomplished was, with the approval of the Members, the change in the name of the Federation to “International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification” while retaining the initials and the logo. He said that new name has been accepted by the Members and other associations related with media measurements. On Governance and Finance, he said that the IFABC had a reasonable bank balance but there was a need to address the finances in a GA year as the expenses in a GA year resulted in a deficit year for the IFABC. He thanked the Executive Board Members who took time to engage in a monthly tele-conference meeting of the Board. He spoke of significant digital matters being raised at the ICOM conferences and by MRC/IAB etc. The Executive Board with the help of Ms Iwona Szczesna had completed the global circulation database system and will be tabling the matter at this GA, after which Members will be invited to provide their data for the system. He added that although attempts were being made to recruit Bureaux from some countries/or set up in other areas, nothing had materialized. He spoke of the resignation of BPA Worldwide from the IFABC. He said that Members must continue to ensure the validity of their ABCs and the IFABC.

He thanked members for their cooperation and support for the one term of office he had enjoyed.

The Secretaries tabled their report and highlighted the following:

At the 26th General Assembly, Mr Pedro Silva, Ms Iwona Szczesna, Mr Jerry Wright, Mr Hormuzd Masani, Ms Arina Ureche and Mr Marco Bernasconi and were elected to the Board for the term 2014-2016. Mr Magnus Paulsson (Chairman IFABC Europe), Mr Manuel Sala (Chairman Ibero-America) and Ms Heather Craven (Chairman APABC) joined the Executive Board as stipulated in the Constitution. The GA had elected Mr Pedro Silva as President. At the following Executive Board meeting, Mr Jerry Wright and Mr Hormuzd Masani were elected Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The Executive Board had met 20 times over the period to manage the affairs of the IFABC. Minutes of the meetings were posted on the website.

IFABC Full Membership continues be steady with 32 Bureaux and 1 Affiliate Member. The Executive Board had responded to membership queries from Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Greece, and Vietnam.

The full report has been circulated to the Members together with the GA Agenda.

The Treasurer, Mr Hormuzd Masani, tabled the audited statement of accounts for the periods ending 31 December 2014 and 2015. He said that the IFABCs finances were handled electronically with the bank account located in Singapore. The IFABC’s auditors were also based in Singapore as required by the Registry of Societies Singapore. He added that whenever there was a GA, as in 2014, the finances for the year end in a deficit situation. The IFABC annual income was in the region of € 40,000-00. In a GA, additional expenditure was incurred in assisting the host with the GA, the travel and accommodation cost of the secretaries, certain projects undertaken for the GA. In 2015, which was a non- GA year, there was a surplus of € 11,617. A major expenditure in 2015 was the development of the online circulation database. Although there was a cash balance of € 88,865, it must be noted that it included a sum of €24, 508 which belonged to the Asia Pacific ABC.
For 2016, Treasurer said that he expected a drop in the income as the resignation of BPA would take effect. He added that it was difficult to reach China as there were no replies to all correspondence. He felt that a way to improve the finances was to get more members or increase the annual subscription which the Board was hesitant about doing. Otherwise the expenditure would need to be curtailed. The Executive Board would be faced with the question of how to balance the finances in the future.
Treasurer asked if there were any questions relation to the 2014 and 2015 accounts before they were adopted.

On a proposal from Mr Simon Redlich (UK) and seconded by Ms Arina Ureche (Romania) the audited statement of accounts for the periods ending 31 December 2014 and 2015 were unanimously adopted and approved.

The Treasurer, Mr Hormuzd Masani, tabled a proposal from the Executive Board for maintaining the subscription dues for 2017 and 2018. However, he was proposing to introduce a new level by splitting Level 2 into 2. The proposal was as follows:

Level       Annual Income from Media Audit                Proposed Annual Subscription
                            Services (€)                                         2017                       2018
                                                                                        (€)                          (€)

1           Up to 250,000                                                   500-00                 500-00
2     250,001 to 500,000                                               1,000-00              1,000-00
3     500,001 to 1,000,000                                             1,400-00              1,400-00
3     1,000,001 to 5,000,000                                          2,250-00             2,250-00
4     5,000,001 and above                                             2,800-00              2,800-00

AFFILIATE MEMBER                                                          550-00                550-00

On a proposal by Mr Tom Drouillard (USA) and seconded by Mr Manuel Sala (Spain) the meeting adopted the proposal for the Annual subscriptions for 2017 and 2018.

11. BUDGETS AND PLANS 2017 and 2018
Treasurer, Mr Hormuzd Masani, tabled the following:

i) The budget estimates for 2016

ii) The budget estimates for 2015 and 2016

Treasurer said that there was a need to reduce expenditures of the IFABC in order to sustain the operation. The incoming Executive Board will have to look at the recurring expenditures, GA expenses, and other expenses. Although the budget had an income of € 42,000, he said that with the resignation of BPA and the difficult in locating China, the income will drop significantly. The budget for 2017 showed a marginal surplus of € 60-00 while the budget for 2017 reflected a deficit at € 24,940-00.

On a proposal by Mr Pedro Silva (Brazil) and seconded by Mr Tom Drouillard (USA) the budgets for 2017 and 2018 were adopted.

Appointment of auditors for the year 2016 and 2017 – Treasurer, Mr Hormuzd Masani, proposed that the General Assembly may consider re-appointing MGI-N Rajan Associates, Singapore as auditors of IFABC for the calendar years 2016 and 2017 at mutually agreed audit fees.

On a proposal by Mr Simon Redlich (UK) and seconded by Mr Pedro Silva (Brazil) MGN-M Rajan Associates were appointed Auditors for the Federation for the years 2016 and 2017. The Executive Board was tasked with agreeing on the audit fees.

The Secretaries tabled the 25 Bureau reports which have been compiled and would be released to members. Seven Members – China, Hungary, Italy ADS, Italy ANES, Mexico, Portugal and Serbia – had not submitted their reports.
The Secretaries said that Members could download the Bureau Reports from the IFABC website.

The Secretaries said that there were no matters for discussion.

Metrics - The Secretaries said that the Executive Board was proposing to adopt the JICWEBS Metric Definition for Audio/Visual (AV)/Podcast metrics and Ad Metrics. Mr Richard Foan said that IFABC should list this on the IFABC website as principles to achieve a base foundation. Members present recommended that it be adopted. Discussion took place and it was agreed to circulate the metrics to Members and provide them with 10 days to revert if they had an objection or an amendment to be made.

Mr Richard Foan said that he had the privilege to do a video interview Mr Nigel Conway Global Media Director of Nestle on the advertisers’ perspective. He spoke of transparency in the online space – key points made would be made available on the IFABC website.

Mr Tom Drouillard presented a new partnership which now existed between Alliance for Audited Media and Association of National Advertisers, which helped advertisers transact with trust – a copy of his presentation is available on the IFABC website.

Mr Chris Llewellyn presented the 10 most important trends in the magazine media market – a copy of his presentation is available on the IFABC website.

Mr Andreas Weiss of ZenithOptimedia, Switzerland spoke of the challenge from the digital revolution. Although the advertising expenditure has been on the rise the rise, the growth has been driven by digital with print media under pressure – a copy of the presentation is available on the IFABC website.

Mr Stuart Wilkinson and Mr Larry Goldstein (comScore) spoke of the issues facing the industry and what comScore was doing to address these issues. They offered a view on what ABCs should focus on. They also provided their view of the industry in 3-4 years’ time. A copy of their presentation is available on the IFABC website.

Mr Simon Redlich presented the ABC UK’s multi-platform reports and certificates. It was noted that most of the content were derived from other individual reports. However, some of the content were those that did not fill in any individual reports.

Mr Tom Drouillard said that in the US they had launched Brand View (Your story, your way).

Ms Iwona Szczesna tabled her Brand Report certificate which provided a broader understanding and identification of all the audited touch points a brand had with its recipients.

Mr Pedro Silva presented work being done by IVC on Out of Home He said that perhaps
Members should work together to create a common standards for OOH.
Mr Manuel Sala presented three opportunities for working together:
- Market monitoring (Adex for online)
- Hybrid Television audience certificate
- Business Press (audience profile and audits)

Mr Manuel Sala presented a paper on the needs for joint efforts, its advantages. It will serve
as useful alliances to deal with global players like Google etc.

Mr Pedro Silva spoke of a digital assurance collaboration between IVC and AAM to create
solutions that will help the media industry. He provided an overview of the gauge for Ad
Block, the technology and the initial results.

Discussion took place and it was noted that there were opportunities for Members to
co-operate and by doing so sharing of resources. It was noted that there were two areas that
could be pursued:
- Viewability – same standards – same culture
Chairman said that Members who wanted to join and work together with Bureaux that were already providing the service could contact the relevant Member
Mr Jean-Paul Dietsch was of the opinion that it should be done while at the GA and not outside it. Chairman said that it was still within the IFABC Membership and all were invited but the decision to participate in the project will be based on their interest and funding.

Ms Iwona Szczesna said that at the GA in Seoul, it was agreed to collect national, regional and magazine circulation data from all Members (Excel). At the GA in Rio, Members agreed to develop an online database system. She presented the cross-platform database system and explained the benefits, the visual integration with the IFABC website and easy data input and publishing. The system will be able to provide a quick update of circulation data through a user-friendly interface. It will be easy to introduce new parameters and other platforms. A member could filter the data and with a search function that could create on-demand generated charts. For loading of the data, a web browser was required and the possibility to use various formats (Excel, XML). Comparison could be done. The maintenance cost would be € 190/month for hosting and € 95/month for 5 hours of support. Members will have to obtain their login and password from the developer – SilverCube. She encouraged Members to explore the system.

Mr Tom Drouillard said that AMA will not be able to participate due to some technical reasons. He said that their Members were adverse to having charts which demonstrated an increase/decline in circulation. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that Australia had voiced the same view. She hoped that all Members will contribute their data. A Member’s suggested that perhaps the system be placed on the Member’s site.

Ms Josanne Ryan said that the AMAA undertook an online research, through a third party, on media channel trust, across 315 respondents made up of client-side marketers and media agency practitioners. 10 insights from Marketers and Media agencies into building trust in media trading that came out of the research. She added that it shed light on the areas the industry believed most needed to be addressed in terms of accountability and it indicated trust levels across a number of media buying metrics. She believed that these were clear indicators that opportunities exist to build greater trust across the industry even during periods of immense change. A copy of the presentation is on the website.

Chairman tabled the report from Ms Carolyn Morgan, the consultant engaged to analyse the Bureaux Reports. 25 reports were received for the study. The study highlighted the key trends in the last two years:
- Print decline and shift of ads to digital
- Explosion of video and mobile
- Growth of ad tech and verification
- Increase in programmatic
- Growing social media, digital editions, free publications, paywalls
- Facebook and Google taking share
- Concerns about online ad fraud, viewability
Future media trends identified were:
- Print decline continues
- Mobile grows faster
- Digital ads take share
- Publishers responding to ad blocking
- Ad verification concerns
- Concentration of media owners – more global companies
- Growth of content marketing and native ads
- More ad and marketing tech
He said that internet was taking ad share from print. Print media was declining, while digital and outdoor were growing. Many bureau were carrying out significant digital editions and web audits alongside print. Bureaux’s revenue growth remained a challenge which was encouraging bureaux to offer a wider range of services and diversifying revenues. New product services were making useful revenue contribution for some bureaux.
The key challenges for bureau were:
- Managing decline of print (& publishing clients)
- Adapting to speed of change
- Launching new products and services
- Move to brand certificates
- Profitability/managing costs/simplify audit process
- Lack digital skills/ need digital board members
- Gaining industry support
The biggest opportunities for future were:
- Standalone digital publications
- Digital ad trading – audits, fraud, viewability, brand safety
- Cross media reach
- Paywall user audits
- Expand OOH
- Interactive TV
- Web traffic
- International resources (IFABC network)
In summary, the shift from print to digital media continues. Bureaux were offering more services and diversifying revenues. New product development appeared to help stem revenue decline. Adapting to speed was still challenging.

Ms Iwona Szczesna said that IFABC should consider to do this report on an annual basis as it provided valuable information for Members. A question was raised on how to treat Members who do not provide their reports. A charge of € 100-00 be levied for a copy of the report was proposed. Chairman said that he would speak to Ms Morgan on the possibility of doing an annual report. Members would have to be advised of the need to submit the report annually.

Chairman said that it was important to establish working groups to work on standards for:
- Viewability
- AdBlock

The one other key matter was to look at the revenues of the IFABC – the subsidy provided to the GA host – was depleting the resources.

Other key matters for consideration were:
-The working relationship with WFA/EACA/Agencies Association/WAN IFRA/FIPP/ICOM/IAB
- Exploring a new HQ for IFABC

The incoming Executive Board will look into this matter.

Ms Arina Ureche said there was a need to put a statement on the IFABC website about the general principles/vision/mission of the IFABC. Ms Josanne Ryan agreed to look into the matter

The Secretaries tabled a list of nominations received from Members for six positions on the Executive Board. Three members of the Board would consist of the IFABC Regional Presidents. The Regional Presidents elected by their respective group were:

Ms Josanne Ryan – APABC
Mr Richard Foan – IFABC Europe
Mr Manuel Sala – Ibero-America

The nominees for the Executive Board for the term 2016-2018 were:

Ms Arina Ureche                               Romania
Mr Fan Chen Yip                               Malaysia
Mr Hormuzd Masani                         India
Ms Irena Petric                                 Netherlands
Ms Iwona Szczesna                          Poland
Mr Marco Bernasconi                       Switzerland
Mr Magnus Paulsson                       Sweden
Mr Pedro Silva                                 Brazil
Mr Tom Drouillard                           USA

The Secretaries said that Mr Fan Chen Yip had notified that he would not be contesting.
Two other nominees were not present. They were Ms Irena Petric and Mr Magnus
Paulsson. This left six nominees for the six positions on the Executive Board.

As all present were in favour of electing those present, the six members elected to the
Executive Board were:
Ms Arina Ureche                             Romania
Mr Hormuzd Masani                       India
Ms Iwona Szczesna                        Poland
Mr Tom Drouillard                          USA
Mr Marco Bernasconi                     Switzerland
Mr Pedro Silva                               Brazil

The Secretaries announced the names of the members of the Executive Board for the years 2016 to 2018 as under:
Ms Arina Ureche Romania
Mr Hormuzd Masani                      India
Ms Iwona Szczesna                       Poland
Mr Tom Drouillard                         USA
Mr Marco Bernasconi                    Switzerland
Mr Pedro Silva                              Brazil
Ms Josanne Ryan                          APABC/Australia
Mr Richard Foan                           IFABC Europe/Sweden
Mr Manuel Sala                            Ibero-America/Spain

The Secretaries called for nominations for the position of President. Ms Iwona Szczesna (Poland) nominated Mr Pedro Silva (Brazil) for the position. The nomination was seconded by Mr Hormuzd Masani (India). The Secretaries asked if there were any other nominations. As there were no other nominations, the Secretaries announced the re-election of Mr Pedro Silva as President of the IFABC for the term 2016 to 2018. The announcement was met with acclamation.

Mr Pedro Silva thanked members for their confidence in him.

Chairman requested Mr Tom Drouillard (USA) to consider hosting the GA 2018. Mr Tom Drouillard said that he will take it into consideration.
A suggestion was made that IFABC regional group meetings should not be held during GA’s as there will be a considerable saving of time and costs to those attending.

Mr Manuel Sal proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Marco Bernasconi and Mr Roland Achermann for having ably hosted the GA 2016. This was met with a show of acclamation.

The meeting ended at 5.00pm.

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