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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, 8 March 2016.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, 8 March 2016.

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva – President – in the Chair
Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr Manuel Sala
Mr Richard Foan
Ms Heather Craven
Ms Iwona Szczesna

Apologies :
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Mr Marco Bernasconi
Ms Arina Ureche

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. MINUTES: The minutes of the tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 15 February 2016 having been circulated, were taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan 2014-2016

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. Promote the growth of bureaux in new geographies – Mr Manuel Sala said that he had contacted Ms Alejandra Ferrari of the Circulation Audit Bureau Chile. However, she was on holiday and he had arranged a telephone meeting next week with her. Chairman said that it was important to ensure that all applicants must meet the criteria of membership.
Mr Richard Foan said that he had received an interest from Greece. He said that he would forward the details to Mr Manuel Sala and requested him to liaise with them.

Chairman said that he had a conversation with Mr Glenn Hansen from BPA on the question of value the IFABC was bringing to Members.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central knowledge store – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that SilverCube had made two proposals for a method to purge data. The original proposal was for to add an additional feature to purge data. To complete the process it would incur 30 man hours. The second proposal is a shortcut method that incur only 12 man hours but will not be able to be used by all. Discussion took place and it was agreed to proceed with the original proposal which will cost approximately US$615-00.

b. Improve internal communications – Ms Heather Craven said that she had nothing new to report.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement
a.Digital Standards and Measurement Committee/Digital Publications Standards Committee – Mr Richard Foan said that as agreed at the previous meeting, the proposed Metrics for Audio/Visual (AV)/Podcast and Advertising have been circulated to the Executive Board Members. If there were no comments then it would be tabled at the GA for discussion if it should be adopted as IFABC metrics. He continued and said that his understanding was that there was nothing further to report on the Digital Publications Standards.

2.1.4 IFABC General Assembly 2016

a. Speakers – Discussion took place and it was agreed to invite the following speakers:
- Mr Chris Llewellyn from FIPP – who has extensive experience in print and digital publishing. It was agreed that Mr Richard Foan and Mr Marco Bernasconi will help make the arrangements
- Mr Stuart Wilkinson – from comScore to discuss campaign validation for ad fraud, brand safety and viewability and the transparency of supply in today’s digital trading environment
- Alex North from Facebook – to demonstrate the value of their audience. To consider if a recommended standard for social networks be feasible and what will global media be like – since everyone in the business has been dealing with agencies always.
- Agency perspective – Mr Marco Bernasconi to recommend an agency speaker from Switzerland
- Mr Richard Foan would present the slides from Mr Richard Townsend’s of Circus. It will be the findings from their survey about big issues facing agencies today.

Chairman sought the help of Mr Richard Foan to liaise with the proposed speakers.
Chairman said that AAM USA had signed an agreement with ANA (Association of National Advertisers) that provided ANA Members with access to AAM resources and digital expertise to tackle key advertising issues. This could be an opportunity to could be explored at the GA.

Chairman said that he would work with the Committee and come out with the final agenda for distribution to Members.

b. Registrations – in the absence of Mr Marco Bernasconi there was no report.

c. Bureau Activity Report – The Secretaries said that the template for the report had been sent to Members on 29 February 2016 and requested Members to submit their reports by 21 March. So far Japan ABC have submitted their report. The Secretaries said that it was important to have the reports early so that the consultant could prepare her report from the findings from the reports.

d. Future of IFABC – Ms Heather Craven suggested a Member’s session where they could discuss their thoughts on the future of IFABC and the GAs.

2.1.5 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer reported that 14 Members had paid their 2016 Member dues. Tabled an invoice from Penmaen Media Ltd for €1125 being 50% of the project cost for consultancy about the state of the bureau, which was duly approved for payment.
Balance in IFABC Account – HSBC Bank Singapore - €70,644-38

3. NEXT MEETING: The next tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board will be held 12 April 2016 at 10am London time.

4.1 The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

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Swith Concepts Ltd renews the DTSG Brand Safety Seal

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