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Ve Interactive issued DTSG Brand Safety Seal

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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held IOam, London time, 15 February 2016.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held IOam, London time, 15 February 2016.

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva -President - in the Chair
Mr Hormuzd Masani -Treasurer
Ms Heather Craven
Mr Richard Foan
Ms Arina Ureche

Apologies :
Mr Marco Bernasconi
Mr Manuel Sala
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Ms Iwona Szczesna

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. MINUTES: The minutes of the tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 19 January 2016 having been circulated, was taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan 2014-2016

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. Promote the grov.rth of bureau in new geographies - in the absence of Mr Manuel Sala there was no report.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central knowledge store - in the absence of Ms Iwona Szczesna there was no report.

b. Improve internal communications - Website -Ms Heather Craven said that some changes had been done to the website and general information on the forthcoming Swiss GA had been
uploaded. She said that if there were any changes to be done, she would be happy to do so.

2 . 1 .3 Digital Standards and Measurement
a. Digital Standards and Measurement Committee - Mr Richard Foan said that thought should be given to adopting some video metrics to help media owners use a common metric for digital video. The standard metrics could be circulated to Members and if agreed to adopt them as a standard that could be added on to the list of IFABC metrics. Members agreed and Mr Richard Foan agreed to work on it.

b. Digital Publications Standards Committee - Mr Richard Foan reported that as reported in November in Taipei, no changes have been made to the standards which were agreed at the previous GA.

2.1.4 IFABC General Assembly 2016

a. Chairman said that he had spoken to Ms Carolyn Morgan, who had done the last two Change Census survey (2014 and 2015) for the IFABC. He tabled a proposal from her to update this survey for 2016 and to create a summary report to be presented at the 2016 GA in Ascona, Switzerland. She was requesting for € 2,250-00 for the project excluding some out of pocket expenses. Members agreed to proceed with i t. Chairman said that he would speak to her to commence the project and to liaise with the secretaries on the matter.
Chairman said that Mr Richard Foan had helped identify some speakers for the IFABC GA. They were:
Speaker                                                Topic
Mr Richard Townsend (Circus Street)  - The Future of ABC -The Agency View
Mr Alex North (Facebook)                   - The Future of ABC - A Global Media Owner view
Mr Stuart Wilkinson (comScore)         - The Future of ABC - A measurement perspective

He added that Alex and Stuart were pure digital and nothing to do with print. He also said that Richard Townsend's work was predominantly digital with some print and that, ifrequired, Richard Foan could present the work done by Richard Townsend as he already had the slides.
Chairman said that the FIPP President Mr Chris Llewellyn would be speaking about print and the transformation that was taking place. Chairman requested Mr Richard Foan to liaise with him on his cost of travel and accommodation. A suggestion was made that Mr Llewellyn could speak through a video conference.
Chairman suggested that the speakers suggested by Mr Foan would look at a global perspective. He said that they be included in the Agenda. A question on the absence of an advertiser perspective was raised. Chairman said that as the WFA was unable to be present, he was looking at the Association of National Advertisers USA to suggest a speaker.
Mr Richard Foan said that instead of Mr Richard Townsend of Circus Street, Mr Marco Bernasconi could suggest an agency speaker from Switzerland. Chairman said that a committee of Mr Richard Foan/Mr Marco Bernasconi/Ms Heather Craven and he would work on the Agenda and will present it at the next Executive Board meeting for approval.

In response to a question, the Secretaries said that 7 delegates and 4 accompanying persons have registered so far.

2. l .5 Governance and Finance

a. Finance -Treasurer tabled a report containing the following:
i) 2016 subscription invoices have been sent out and monies have been received from Romania, AAM USA/Canada, Austria and Japan.

Treasurer said that there were emails from BPA Worldwide, Austria and Croatia in response to the subscription invoices and seeking some answers from IFABC. Chairman said that he will speak to BPA. Treasurer said that in respect of Austria, he was proposing that the Subscription Level 2 of total annual income from Media Audit services € 250,001 to € 1,000,000 be split into two levels €250,001 to € 500,000 and € 500,001 to € 1,000,000. Although 4 bureaux fall into this level, with the split 3 Bureaux will fall into the new level. By doing this IFABC will stand to lose € 1,200 if for 2017/2018 the proposed levels of subscription for the newly created levels be € 1,000 and € 1,400 respectively.
Treasurer said that he had spoken to Croatia on the matter they had raised.

ii. Proposed Annual Membersh ip Subscription Structure for the years 2017-2018
Treasurer proposed no change in the Annual membership subscription structure for the year 2017 and 2018 except to split Level 2 into 2 separate levels. He said that this proposal will be tabled at the GA for approval.

Annual fee                                                    Annual fee for the year           Annual fee for the year
Total Annual income                                               2016                                   2017       2018
from Media Audit year Services                                                                           Proposed
                                                                               €                                        €             €

Level 1 Upto 250,000                                               500                                     500          500
Level 2 250,001 to 1,000,000                                   1400
Level 2a 250,001 to 500,000                                                                               1000        1000
Level 2b 500,001 to 1,000,000                                                                            1400        1400
Level 3 1,000,001 to 5,000,000                                2250                                   2250        2250
Level 4 5,000,001 above                                          2800                                   2800        2800

Affiliate Member
                                                                               550                                    550          550

iii. . Statutory Auditors for IFABC for 2016/2017 -It was agreed to propose that the MGI N Rajan Associates Singapore be re-appointed as Auditors for IFABC at the GA.

iv. 2016 Budget -Treasurer said that the expenses in a GA year always exceeded by 50%. He expressed concern that with no new members joinin g the IFABC it was important to manage the resources very carefully.

2017 and 2018 budgets for tabling at the GA will be provided at a later date.

v. . AST Management Services Pte Ltd Invoice No: 160155 for S$400-00 being use of registered office in Singapore for the year 2016 plus some out of pocket expenses. It was approved for payment.

3. NEXT MEETING - the next meeting of the EB will be held 8 March 2016 at 10am, London time.


4.1 Future of IFABC - Discussion took place and it was proposed that the future of bureau and the IFABC should be a topic of discussion at the GA especially with the changing fortunes of Members and what IFABC could do to change the system and evolve to be of service to Members.

4.2 The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.


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