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ABC to define web, app and email standards

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Minutes of a tele- conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am, London time, 2 December 2014.

                                             INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF AUDIT BUREAUX OF CIRCULATIONS

Minutes of a tele- conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am, London time,
2 December 2014.

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva – President – in the Chair
Mr Jerry Wright – Secretary
Mr Hormuzd Masani– Treasurer
Mr Marco Bernasconi
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Ms Arina Ureche
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Ms Heather Craven

Apologies :
Mr Manuel Sala

In Attendance :
Mr George Bohlander

Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Association

Mr George Bohlander congratulated the new Executive Board members. He said that he had withdrawn his nomination as he will step down as Managing Director from HOI as of 31 December 2014. He said that he had enjoyed being a part of IFABC and seeing the willingness of members to share their experiences. He added that it was a pleasure meeting everyone and he hoped to meet sometime. He will be working in his own firm, Spectrum Media Consultations.

1. MINUTES:The minutes of meetings of the Executive Board held 3rd and 6th November 2014 having been circulated, were taken as read and confirmed.

2. MATTERS ARISING 2014 – 2016

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy
a. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – in the absence of Mr Manuel Sala, there was no report.

b. Communications – Secretary reported that IFABC had received coverage on the GA in some trade media. Together with the PR Agency, they were planning some significant pieces of work based on the Future ABC 2015 project in the new year.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development
a. Central knowledge store – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she had circulated a copy of the draft contract with SilverCube for the development and support of online circulation database and for transfer of copyright ownership and sought for comments from members. She said that although the developer was seeking the payment in PLN, the IFABC had budget an equivalent €8,500-00. There was no VAT in Poland. Mr Marco Bernasconi said that it was difficult to imagine the look and feel of the structure. Ms Szczesna said that the detailed plan was outlined in the presentation at the recent GA. It was an open online application and would be part of the IFABC website. The developer would be contacting Ms Heather Craven for hosting and server details. It will be hosted in the general area of the website. Treasurer was requested to check with the auditors whether there would be any Singapore VAT applicable on the transaction.

b. Improve internal communications – Website – Chairman said that he was proposing that Ms Arina Ureche take charge of this area. Ms ArinaUreche said that from reading the previous minutes it was noted that Mr Manuel Sala was to make a proposal on improving the internal and external traffic to the website. He would also be suggesting steps to make it more appealing to visitors. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that under the previous regime, Mr Paul Dovas was leading the portfolio. Ms Heather Craven said that she would be happy to take over and continue to improve things. Chairman said that he would also speak to Mr Sala.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement – Chairman said that he had spoken to Mr Richard Foan in Rio about this topic. There may not be a lot of changes in the digital area that would concern members but it was a very dynamic environment and IFABC would need to be on top of it. The Digital Standards and Measurement Committee would therefore continue to exist and will have meetings when needed.

He said that on the Digital Publications Standards Committee he has not spoken to Mr Glenn Hansen as yet but will do so soon and report at the next meeting.

2.1.4 Survey – Chairman said that he was hoping to base the workplan from the results of the survey.

Ms Arina Ureche said that she has seen the template of the previous survey sent out after the GA and hoped to include questions on the expectations of Members for the GA, She said that she would circulate a draft to members for their comments.

2.1.5 Media Audit Bureau of the Future – Update – Secretary said that the work of updating the Change census will get done in 2015 and the payment will be done on the 2015 budget.

2.1.6 IFABC Name Change – Chairman said that a two third vote of the Members was required for a change of the name in the constitution if done through a resolution. The GA had received a majority vote for amending the word ‘C’ in the word ‘IFABC’ from ‘Circulation’ to ‘Certification’. The logo would be retained.

Chairman said that it was important to obtain the necessary votes in order to proceed with the change. Ms Heather Craven said that the Regional Presidents could help in speaking to their counterparts. Chairman said that he required their help to ensure the approval of the Resolution.

It was agreed to send out the Resolution to Members and seek their approval.

2.1.7 Governance and Finance
a. Finance
SPAC - Treasurer reported that after the GA, Mr Raymond Ho had attempted to make contact with SPAC but was unable to establish contact. The Secretaries reported that they had met Ms Rosa Yang/ABC Taipei in Taipei recently. She had attended a FIPP conference in Beijing and had met the Chairman of SPAC. However, she did not have any details of the contact. Secretary said that at the recent GA, the membership of SPAC had been suspended due to the non-payment of the membership fees despite 6 notifications.

B&H – Treasurer tabled an email dated 22 October 2014 from ABC B&H and said that they were resigning from the Bureau. Chairman said that it would be better to get confirmation from them that they were resigning from IFABC.

HSBC Internet Banking – Treasurer reported that he was still having some issues with the internet banking process and hoped to resolve it soon.

The following invoices were approved for payment:
- Eulogy IFABC PR Activity for October 2014
£ 1,000-00
- IVC Brazil - IFABC General Assembly contribution and others
- Wavecast Pro Ltd – Web cast session for Carolyn Morgan
€ 1,140-00

- Carolyn Morgan - £300 – 500 was approved for the proposal on updating the change census for the Media ABC of the Future.

Balance in IFABC Bank Account – HSBC Bank €81,609-00

b. Governance
ABC Denmark – the Secretaries reported that they had written an email on 23 November 2014 to them to ascertain their current status but had not received any response. Chairman said that perhaps IFABC Europe Chairman could get in touch with them to find out.

ABC Croatia/Serbia – Chairman tabled a letter dated 25 November 2014 from ABC Croatia. For the benefit of the new Executive Board members, the Secretary advised that the matter started after the last IFABC Europe meeting. It seems that a journalist had written a piece on Serbia’s multi-platform certificate which had received the approval of IFABC. This had caused some issues with ABC Croatia members questioning why ABC Croatia did not have such reports. IFABC had written to Croatia that IFABC does not approve members’ reporting formats. It operated at a more fundamental level of compliance to certain basic principles of organization and operation. ABC Serbia was requested to publish a correction of the article. A few months later Serbia had written to state that ABC Croatia had circulated to their members that IFABC had not approved the Serbia certificate and this had caused them to lose members and revenue. After the GA IFABC had written to Croatia and copied to ABC Serbia that requested them to settle their differences and start operating in their interests of their member. However, ABC Croatia is now not happy with the situation. Chairman said that he would speak to both Bureaux and inform the Board of the outcome.

3. IFABC General Assembly 2014 – Chairman said that he had approved the draft minutes of the General Assembly and it would be uploaded to the website together with all the presentations and members would be advised to access it.

4. NEXT MEETING – 20 January 2015, 10am London time.

5.1 Events – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that there was an opportunity for ABCs to enlarging their business by offering events audit. She would like to learn out it. Discussion ensued and Ms Heather Craven agreed to kick start a meeting on this subject. The objective being to identify industry best practices, definitions etc. The meeting could choose a leader to lead the committee. It was noted that ABCs Sweden, Brazil, UK, BPA and Australia were already doing the audits.

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OJD, Spain have created a video to promote the value of audited media through the IFABC. Please feel free to use it, share it, promote it within your own sites

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JICWEBS update on online ad anti-fraud initiative

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VivaKi issued DTSG Brand Safety Seal

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Archant delivers multi-platform reporting with ABC

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Affectv issued DTSG Seal of Compliance

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