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Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time), 7 May 2014 in Zagreb.

                                                  INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF AUDIT BUREAUX OF CIRCULATIONS

Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time), 7 May 2014 in Zagreb.

Present :
Mr Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair
Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer (via tele-conference)
Mr George Bohlander
Mr Pedro Silva (via tele-conference)
Mr Manuel Sala
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr Paul Dovas (via tele-conference)

1. MINUTES: The minutes of the tele-conference meeting of the Board held 22 April 2014 having been circulated, were taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan 2010-2012

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy
a. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – Mr Manuel Sala said that he had finally managed to speak to Mr Roberto Moreyra who has agreed to provide the contact details for two prospective organisations from Uruguay and Paraguay. He will be writing to them to invite them to the GA as observers. Mr Sala said that he had received an email from a person from Cyprus who was interested in the auditing of websites and online TV. In response to a question, he said that he was neither from an ABC or a JIC. He added that he had not responded to him as yet.

Chairman said that the secretaries had written to the other interested countries – Nepal, Pakistan, and Kenya. They had heard from Nepal and Kenya that they were looking into the matter. There was no response from Pakistan. Chairman said that there was no response from South Africa.

Mr Paul Dovas said that in his last conversation with New Zealand, he was advised that New Zealand was in a unique position and felt that they did not fit in with the IFABC community. He said that they would consider membership when the time was right.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development
a. Central knowledge store – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that since the last meeting the latest addition to the magazine report was Romania. She said that she will speak to the members who had not provided the data but would be present at the IFABC Europe meeting tomorrow. She would inform all Members to submit the data for magazine and newspapers for the latest period to 2013. Chairman said that he had received a request from RISI, who were interested in the IFABC data for their study on paper usage. The organisation represented the European Forest Products.

Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she will publish the data on the IFABC website after the IFABC Europe meeting.

b. Improve internal communications – Mr Paul Dovas said that he will email the website analytics data to the Board.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement
a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement – Mr George Bohlander said that as reported at the last meeting the committee had moved from hybrid certification to Online Brand Safety and Online Audience Profile analytics. The item was on the agenda at the IFABC Europe meeting.

b. Digital Editions and Publications – Mr George Bohlander reported that Mr Glenn Hansen would be holding the next meeting of the committee in early June.

c. Media Rating Council (MRC) – Chairman said that together with Mr Richard Foan, they had held a teleconference with Mr George Ivie/MRC on the D-MIB discussion. Mr Ivie had informed them of the reasons of why MRC was looking increasingly at the market outside the US. MRC’s clients wanted MRC to evaluate Nielsen’s OCR products in a number of markets. This evaluation could be done through a number of ways. One of it would be through working through ABCs. However, MRC had a mandate to work through CPA credited organisations. In the US, Ernst & Young did most of the work for MRC – certification and background work. Chairman said that he was trying to understand what would be the opportunities for MRC to work with ABC and the compensation levels, MRC charges etc. On behalf of IFABC he wanted to explore whether a pilot operation would work in the UK. If it could perhaps it would be possible to work with other markets. He added that big markets – did not necessarily mean English speaking – but those big in commercial value were of the most interest. It was still in an exploratory stage. MRC had pointed out that they were not familiar with census measurement and perhaps could depend on ABCs for support.
2.1.4 Governance and Finance
a. Finance – Treasurer said that Membership dues have been received from Mexico; Norway had intimated that they were remitting the amount this week. He had not had any response from France, China and ABC B&H. He sought Mr Magnus Paulsson’s help to reach out to France.

Chairman said that in the case of ABC B&H, they had written in on 12 March 2014 to inform that they had suspended operations due to a crisis in the media industry in their country. They had requested to place their membership in the ‘status quo’ position. He proposed to write to them and inform them that IFABC has taken the situation into consideration and was giving them a flexibility of not paying the 2014 membership dues this year. They could continue to be known as an IFAB C Affiliate member. However, in 2015, when the dues were due, they would have to pay the 2014 and 2015 dues, or face termination of their membership. He requested the Treasurer or Mr Magnus Paulsson to write to them,

Bill – Invoice No 1211 from Penmaen Media Ltd amounting to € 4,400-00 being first 50% of the consultancy on IFABC Future Project which was approved for payment.

Balance in IFABC Bank Account/HSBC Singapore - € 89,019-00

3. IFABC GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2014 – Mr Pedro Silva reported that the sub-committee comprising the Chairman, Mr Magnus Paulsson, Mr Paul Dovas and himself had been in communication fortnightly planning the agenda for the GA. A promotional video had been done and would be presented at IFABC Europe meeting tomorrow.

The Agenda will focus on:
• External speakers - a local advertiser
- a representative from WFA
- a senior media agency representative
• Best Practices and Exchanging information amongst Members
• Future of ABCs presentation

Chairman requested members to encourage the Members to attend the GA.

Ms Iwona Szczesna wanted to know that whether the study on Membership retention should be continued for the forthcoming GA. She felt that the consultants would be making a wider coverage, where membership retention was a small part of the report. Discussion ensued and she agreed to discuss the matter with the consultants.

Bureau Activity Report – Chairman said that the secretaries had submitted the revised format and sought the Board’s approval. It was agreed that the report format was in order.

4. NEXT MEETING – 16 June 2014; 10am (London time)


5.1 FIPP – Mr Paul Dovas said that he will be making a presentation to FIPP delegates at the conference in Bangkok. Chairman said that he had invited the FIPP President to speak at the GA, but he was unable due to prior commitments.


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IFABC Newsletter June 2014

The IFABC Europe Group held a very useful and successful meeting in Zagreb at the beginning of May. The event was superbly hosted by Sinisa Zugic and Igor Kern of ABC Croatia and the programme was put together by Magnus Paulsson and colleagues, with moderation from Richard Foan. The keynote external speaker was Dominic Lyle, Executive Director of EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies). He presented the findings of research he carried out amongst the members of his European Media Council, looking at what the agencies think about audit bureaux and what services they would value from ABCs in the future Read More 

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New ABC Returns System launched to help members

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