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Important ABC changes for Regional Publications

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ABC rewrites the rules!

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IFABC Rebrands for the Digital World

Following the launch of its new website, the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certifications (IFABC) has refreshed its branding as part of its ongoing commitment to support its members in the rapidly growing digital world.

The refreshed branding includes a new logo that represents IFABC's global remit and shows the organisation as more digitally-focused. The logo will be used across all IFABC collateral as well as sitting on the new website, launched in July last year with the NationalNewspaper headline circulation data from 34 countries within IFABC membership.

This year will see the addition of local newspapers' as well as updated National Newspapers data from IFABC's membership as it continues to develop the website into a central resource for global circulation data.

The IFABC is a global forum for the identification and sharing of succesful innovation, providing audit bureaux around the world with one cohesive voice and setting worldwide best practice for the measurement of the media industry. Read More

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Minutes IFABC European Meeting May, 15-16 2013, Vienna

Minutes IFABC European Meeting May, 15-16 2013, Vienna

Present Delegates:
                                                    Alexandra Beier-Cizek                                       Austria
                                                    Michael Schallmeyer                                         Germany
                                                    Kai Kuhlmann                                                      Germany
                                                    Stef Peters                                                           Belgium
                                                    Michael Debels                                                   Belgium
                                                    Magnus Paulson                                                Sweden
                                                    George Bohlander                                             Netherlands
                                                    Roland Achermann                                            Switzerland
                                                    Ulamaia Arasto                                                   Finland
                                                    Jerry Wright                                                         UK
                                                    Richard Foan                                                       UK
                                                    Iwona Szczesna                                                  Poland
                                                    Jose A. Perez                                                       Spain
                                                    Eusebio Serrano                                                Spain
                                                    Manuel Sala                                                         Spain
                                                    Ruza Ristanovic                                                 Serbia
                                                    Silviu Ispas                                                          Romania
                                                    Constantin Popa                                                Romania
                                                    Arina Ureche                                                       Romania
                                                    Sinisa Zugic                                                          Croatia

Introduction and welcome by ÖAK Austria
Mrs. Beier-Cizek welcomes all members to Vienna and explains they have prepared an exciting program for the coming days..

Welcome by IFABC Europe (including apologies)
Mr. Bohlander as president IFABC Europe welcomes 13 countries and explains he received apologies from Czech Rep., Hungary, France, Italy (2), Portugal, Denmark and Norway.
He points out the agenda for the 1,5 day meeting and the external speakers invited. Richard Foan will be the moderator for the conference.

Minutes European Group Oct, 23rd 2012 in Madrid
Minutes were approved as they were sent to everybody by email with no amendments.

Financial status IFABC Europe
Manuel Sala as honorary treasurer presented the financial status. All membership fees have been paid. Balance May 15th,2013 is € 29.526,23. The financial report was approved.

Election new president IFABC Europe
Mr Magnus Paulson was unanimously appointed as new President IFABC Europe till the next General Assembly in 2014. Mr. Manuel Sala was reelected as Honorary Treasurer. The group expressed their gratitude to Mr. George Bohlander, who held the position for the last four years.

IFABC Supporting Service proposal ABC Serbia.
Ruza Ristanovic from Serbia presents a proposal to share ABC’s common knowledge to help otherEuropean countries to develop new services for their local clients. The idea of having an European Knowledge Center was approved and Mr. Popa from Romania was appointed to identify particular areas of expertise that individual bureaus have.

IFABC status
Jerry Wright as president IFABC was presenting an update of the action plan IFABC. Eusebio Serrano presented the first results of the new business commission, where Iwona Szczesna is also a member.

Future ABC of 2015/The Agency View
Dominic Lyle, Director General of European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA), presented the results of his survey into the larger European media agencies’ attitudes to audit bureaux and to a possible role for IFABC and ABC’s in hybrid (research + census) measurement. The overall response was clear; agencies value the independent verification provided by ABC’s but are not unhappy with current measurement from commercial providers. Any developments by ABC’s in general, and for hybrids in particular, should be very low-cost (to agencies) funded by publishers and global in scale, bringing together all sides of the industry in a new body. Richard Foan then contributed the outcome of his discussions with WFA and ESOMAR (European Market Research body) both of whom indicated their willingness to be included in further work. While some members have concerns about aspects of hybrid measurement, the consensus is to continue our work. The conclusions of this study will be integrated into the project proposal coming to the IFABC EB from the Hybrid Working Group (Richard Foan, Paul Dovas, George Bohlander, Manuel Sala and Pedro Silva).

Ad-visibility and qualifying audiences for Online services
Nathalie Le Borgne of Adledge (a Content Verification software provider) talked about “in-view” or ad visibility measurement in digital, particularly for ad-campaigns. She presented results of their experience that points out a big percentage of the ads served are not even seen on screen for 1 sec. This is a rising concern for the online advertising industry. The group agreed that “in-view” measurement should be a priority for the Web Standards Group and linked with the 3MS initiative in the US.

Petteri Vainikka of Enreach presented how premium publishers must focus on measuring and selling the quality of their audiences if they are to be financially successful.

Word of mouth and social media
It was commented the possibility to do business by certifying under some standards the measurement provided by social media. A further idea to progress “word of mouth” measurement was also accepted, with a next action to contact WOMMA.

Digital Editions and Publications
The UK, Netherlands and Spain presented their latest status. The UK focused on the success of Digital Editions in Consumer Magazines (30% of print titles now reporting them) and on the move toward activity metrics (Active Views) for Digital Publications. HOI presented their new HOI 2.0 Service, simplifying their print reporting and integrating digital reporting for all titles in the Dutch market (replica, non-replica, bundles and online newsletters). Spain’s auditing principles reinforced including navigation on the Digital Publication for free circulation. The group agreed that the IFABC Digital Publications Committee, due to meet as soon as possible, should look at ways of sharing experience more often and more quickly and look at updating the global guidelines in the light of our accumulated experience.

Print Auditing in Europe
George Bohlander presented the results of a survey about auditing provided by different European countries ABCs + Australia end Brazil with the following conclusions:
• Different situation according to the size and maturity of the print market
• Audit work done by external, internal or combining both depending on cost-efficiency
• Discussions arising in market
          o High costs, rules (too complex), frequency for audits (less)
          o Pressure rethink metrics, reporting and audit process
          o Costs: High differences level audit costs and billing policies
          o Income audit vital ABC profit

Country Presentations
Austria (Alexandra Beier-Cizek) and Germany (Michael Schallmeyer) presented the situation of their respective bureaus.

Business Media New Products and Services
Jerry Wright presented a new service for the B2B UK market. As this sector has moved further and faster away from print to digital and other platforms, there is a demand for Total Audience Certificate (TAC), a research/census hybrid which reports a media brand’s total gross and net, de-duplicated audience as well as the individual census figures for each print and digital platform included. ABC UK started with a methodology approved by the PPA Business Media Research Group that provides audience figures based on the circulation audits and an audience research (external collaboration with PWC). Integration of different platforms (print, digital editions, web).

New Activities/Developments for members
Finland                   Working National Readership Survey
Romania                Audience survey for Outdoor. Ad- expenditure study for Outdoor
                                 Spider for ADex for Online
                                 Government ad investment driven by BRAT
Switzerland          New system for readership
Croatia                  Government changing media law
Poland                   Non-replica introduced
                                 Survey to members What do you expect from ABC?
Serbia                    Preparing the launch of web and digital auditing services
Sweden                 Project How to Report BRAND (media Owner) strength with new principles
                                 Brand certificates. Change in audit rules
Netherlands         HOI 2.0 and HOI App to have easy access to data
UK                           Quick View Project:, usability, reinforcing the value of ABC data
Spain                      Digital Publications
Belgium                 One more year on digital pubs a) add traffic to circulation
                                 Consumer Press- 2 sets of data for brand audience: declared, audience fused CIM studies

Agree date and venue for next EU IFABC meeting
Mr. Zugic form ABC Croatia kindly accepted to organize next meeting in his country.
Final dates and place will be communicated as soon as possible

Conclusions and action points
- Should reflect the reality
- Not for profit Tripartite Review circulated proposal
- The vote was in favor of change. Mr. Wright to put this on Ex.Board agenda.

• Costantin Popa (Romania) to work up the Serbian proposal to have an information Knowledge Centre (EU members first).
What information are we sharing? Mr. Popa will make a proposal with costs and content. Funding to be agreed by Mr. Paulson and Mr. Sala.
• Croatia to blog their request for info on government rules in local markets.

3. HYBRID (Richard Foan)
• It was agreed to progress this idea through further dialogue with those countries interested – Netherlands, Spain, Romania, UK and other non-EU IFABC members (Brazil and Australia)
• Then decide if we have a proposal to put to the IFABC as a whole
• EU Leonardo programme follow up with Dominique Lyle (EACA) in 2014

• Follow up with Glenn Hansen (BPA) as head of the digital publications group on need to work with Apple and other Digital Publishing Platforms. Mr. Bohlander to contact him.

• AdVisibility
         o Agreed to progress collation of approaches and feed back
         o Any ABC interested in this topic to contact Richard Foan
         o Work with Media Rating Council (MRC) if they wish to engage
         o Ensure 3MS initiative (Making Measurement Make Sense) work is taken into account
• Invite update from Australia on their proposed Unique Device metric
• Share IVW process slides (done)
• WOMMA Word of mouth marketing association Guidelines are available but you need to be a member. This work could be done I the webstandards group. Manuel Sala will be responsible for a proposal to that group.

6. AD FRAUD IN DIGITAL (Manuel Sala)
• Consider offering audit of ads for fraudulent clicks. It’s risky business (cannot guarantee to find all fraud). Those interested to contact Manuel Sala.
• Resell the ABC/IAB bots and spider list to your local markets – contact Richard Foan for details

Mr. Foan summarizes and before closing the meeting the former President, Mr. Bohlander is thanking Mrs.Alexandra Beier-Cizec for the perfect organization of IFABC Europe. Mr. Bohlander will send all the presentations next week to all the European members.

May 31, 2013

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