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Minutes of a teleconference meeting of the Executive Board held 12noon (London time), 8 November 2016.


Minutes of a teleconference meeting of the Executive Board held 12noon (London time), 8 November 2016.

Present :
Mr Pedro Silva – President – in the Chair
Mr Richard Foan – Secretary
Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr Manuel Sala
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr Tom Drouillard
Ms Josanne Ryan
Ms Arina Ureche

Apologies :
Mr Marco Bernasconi

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation.

1.MINUTES: The minutes of the teleconference meeting of the Executive Board held 4 October 2016 having been circulated, were taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 Bureaux Reports – Chairman said that he did not have the time to contact the 7 Bureaux who had not submitted their reports for the GA. He added that it included two members who have not paid their 2016 members’ dues – China and Mexico.

Action : President

2.2 Membership – Mr Manuel Sala wanted to know the reason for changing the bylaws to admit other organisations. Chairman said that since IFABC changed its name from ‘circulation’ to ‘certification’ and considering that circulation was dropping all over affecting the activities of IFABC members more than ever, should IFABC consider opening from the Membership to other certification bodies. Mr Manuel Sala said that if there was to be a discussion on this matter, then a paper would need to be prepared and circulated for a better discussion. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that the paper should include the amendments that would be required to be made to the Constitution. Ms Josanne Ryan wanted to know the other certification bodies. Mr Tom Drouillard said that it was important to think about the bodies that IFABC wanted to attract. Chairman said that it was unlikely to establish new Bureaux in the current form but maybe possible to have digital only bureau. He felt that IFABC should expand to include other media bodies that do not have circulation but digital. He cited organisations like JICs (which are tripartite), TAG in USA, EJIC etc. IFABC would need to talk to organisations that were similar to structures of IFABC members – retain key membership requirements like being tripartite, independent, non-profit but not limited to print. He added that Members must give thought to this matter and perhaps be ready to discuss it at the next GA. Mr Richard Foan said that it will be useful if IFABC could pull together a list of likely candidates – organisations that could fit into IFABC. Discussion ensued and it was agreed to keep the item on the Agenda.

Action : President/EB


3.1 Three Projects:
Chairman said that the three projects referred to OOH, Viewability and AdBlock. 14 participants from 11 Member bureau had registered to attend the meetings which will be held on 17/18 November 2016 in Berlin.

Action : President

a. OOH – Chairman said that he had sent out the Agenda for the meeting to those attending. The aims of the meeting would be to build knowledge, share ideas and initiatives and encourage members to work together.

Action : President

b. Digital – Chairman said that Mr Richard Foan and Mr Tom Drouillard were working on the final Agenda. The meeting will also discuss Adblock. Mr Richard Foan said that broadly the meeting will be split into process/principles and a broader discussion on thinking on a common backend – viewability, adfraud and brand safety and helping the Members. He added that he would send the EB members an update after the meeting for discussion at the next EB meeting.

Action : Hon Secretary/Mr Tom Drouillard

3.2 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. General principles for IFABC – Chairman said that Members may have seen an email from Ms Arina Ureche that was sent just before the EB meeting. Ms Arina Ureche said that that the current Constitution already contained some of the principles which they were now proposing. Currently a Full Member had to fulfill important requirements and there were formulated based on IFABC members being mainly print circulation based. Although the Constitution had been revised to add ‘and other media data’ there will be confusion when applied to the other medium. She quoted BRAT as an example where they started with print circulation then to digital. There were 2 departments with different rules and principles even though they were under the same umbrella. She felt there must be clear principles for print and the rest could evolve or develop rules and principles for OOH, Digital etc. She emphasized that the principles that they were proposing did not propose any rules that were not already in the Constitution. However, she said that it was important to add a chapter in the Constitution that spelt out the do’s so that new Members would be able to understand it. Currently in the there were some principles that were not mentioned in the Constitution. By adding a new Chapter, it would be made clear on the necessary in print audits. Mr Tom Drouillard said that it was clear that the committee wanted to separate the print from everything else and be really clear about print. He added that it would be more difficult to pin down rules for digital. Mr Manuel Sala said that this matter was somewhat connected to what the EB had discussed earlier about new members coming into the IFABC. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that the document explained well print certification. However, she added that members were using different models - some do not audit free titles, some do distribution rather than circulation, not checking print run etc. She said that there were some parts which were not in the Constitution. She was concerned that by putting it into the Constitution it may not apply to some members as they were using different models. She pointed out that when she was on the Digital Committee, they decided not to call the document as principles but as guidelines only because there were a lot of similarities amongst the members but at the same time a lot of differences too. The Committee did not want to force any member to adhere to the guidelines but as advice as how one could use it for the ABC. She said that it may be difficult to define this document and make it obligatory for everyone. Chairman said that when some items may be different from country to country it will be limiting to impose it on the members. However, if IFABC took the standardization and changed it a bit and call it guidelines, it did not mean that IFABC members do not have to follow all the principles but it is a good guidelines. It created a new criteria for new members not the current members.
Chairman thanked Ms Arina Ureche and Mr Manuel Sala for all their work on the document/attachment. The meeting agreed that all Members should send an email back to Ms Arina Ureche one week prior to the January 2017 EB meeting with two things in the email:
i) Which elements of the attachment are the local ABC happy for IFABC to include in principles on how an IFABC member approaches circulation audits?
ii) Does the local ABC agree with the following statement “The principles in this document are supported by the Individual members of the IFABC will conduct audits in accordance with their local tripartite members needs and demands – contact your local ABC for further details.”

b. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – Mr Manuel Sala said that he had nothing to report.

Action : Mr Manuel Sala

3.3 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central Knowledge Store – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that at the previous meeting it was decided to receive your inputs and opinions in respect of the system. Ms Josanne Ryan said that she would require more time. It was agreed that Executive Board members will write to Ms Iwona Szczesna their comments after having visited the system. Ms Iwona Szczesna will provide a summary of the comments to the Executive Board at the January 2017 meeting.

Action : EB

Action : Ms Iwona Szczesna

b. Improve internal communications – Website – Ms Josanne Ryan tabled the IFABC Traffic report for May – Oct 2016 and a report on the maintenance of the IFABC website. Traffic to the site was low. There was nothing to drive the traffic to the site. Discussion took place and Ms Josanne Ryan agreed to make some advocacy recommendations going forward.

Action : Ms Josanne Ryan

c. Communications/PR – Chairman said that he would be releasing the press release soon.

Action : President

3.4 Digital Standards and Measurement – Secretary said that a report would be circulated to the Members after the Berlin meeting.

Action : Hon Secretary

3.5 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer reported the following:
2016 Membership subscription – Mexico and China have been advised, via email dated 17 October 2016, to remit the outstanding annual membership subscription latest by 4 December 2016, failing which their membership will be terminated.

Action : Treasurer

b.Invoice for payment – Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd’s Bill No. 0188/2016 for €3,756-32 being professional fees in respect of secretarial services and out of pocket expenses for the period July 2016 to September 2016 and out of pocket expenses was approved for payment.

Action : Treasurer

c. Balance in IFABC Bank Account
HSBC Bank, Singapore €52,455-74
d. Meeting in Berlin – Treasurer asked whether there will be any expenses incurred by IFABC at the Berlin meetings. Chairman said that he did not think there will be any. Secretary said that he would check with IVW.

Action : Treasurer


a. Next Meeting – the next meeting will be held 12 noon, 6 December 2016


b. The meeting ended at 2pm.

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