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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time), Monday – 17 December 2012.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time),
Monday – 17 December 2012.

Present : Mr. Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair
Mr. Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr. Eusebio Serrano
Mr. George Bohlander
Mr. Paul Dovas
Mr. Magnus Paulsson

Apologies : Mr. Pedro Silva
Ms Iwona Szczesna

In Attendance : Mr. J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. MINUTES : The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held 19 November 2012 having been circulated, was taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan/Industry Advocacy

a. External Communications – Chairman said that the PR agency was in the midst of preparing further communications that would be released in the New Year.

b. IFABC Logo/Branding – Chairman said that it was important to identify the timing for the change of the logo on the website and communicating the change to Members. Mr. Paul Dovas said that he required the graphics of the logo to manipulate for the website. Chairman said that he will provide Mr. Dovas with the contact of the designers so that he could liaise with them. Further discussion took place and it was agreed that the logo on the website be changed on 10th January 2013 and the communiqué to Members on 11th January. Chairman said that he would prepare the letter to Members.

On the name change, Chairman said that there was no consensus amongst the Board with three voting to remain status quo with the new logo; two for adopting the new logo and initials but changing the words behind them and the new logo and three for the new logo and a change in name. There was no majority on the Board for a name change. He added that a change in name would require a longer process and the approval from Members. He continued and said that if the Executive Board waited to change the logo and the name at the same time it would take at least another six months before anything could happen. He proposed changing the logo in January ( as it had been approved by Members at the GA) and consider the name after that. A member proposed a survey amongst the members for their opinion. Chairman said that he would prefer providing Members with some options so that they could respond to the subject in hand more readily. Discussion ensued and it was agreed to proceed with the change in logo.

Chairman said that there were options in respect of the change to the words in the initials - e.g. change the letter ‘c’ to ‘communications’. He suggested that Executive Board members provide their views to the Secretaries for discussion at the next meeting.

c. Promote the growth of bureaux in new geographies – Mr. Eusebio Serrano said that he hoped to divide the regions and handle the responsibility of the regions to the regional heads. He said that he had discussed with IFABC Europe head, Mr. Bohlander, and had identified Ms Iwona Szczesna as the most suitable candidate to head the charge for membership in Eastern Europe. Mr Serrano also informed that he had spoken with Mr Pedro Silva and he had agreed to join the group as well. The same happened with Mr Dovas and the Asia Pacific Group. He was waiting for their comments to organize the first teleconference.

The principle of not-for-profit – Chairman referred to the summary from the Secretaries. He said that the question arose as some prospective members could not comply with this clause in the Constitution. It was pointed out that there were some Members who did not comply with the requirement to be ‘tripartite’. However, the Constitution provided the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Board, the prerogative to waive that requirement in special circumstances.

Discussion followed and it was agreed to insert the principle of not-for-profit under that waiver clause so that the GA may have an opportunity to consider the applicant on merit. It was also agreed that the applicant will only be available who do not meet one of the criteria of not being ‘tripartite’ or ‘not-for-profit’ principle but not to those who fail on both counts.

The Secretaries were requested to prepare a draft amendment to Article 6.1.13 of the Constitution.

Mr. Paul Dovas spoke of the ICOM conference in Rome and the discussion that the tripartite coalition maybe in danger in the future if agencies become redundant in digital media, leaving only advertisers and media owners.

d. WFA/WAN-IFRA/FIPP – Chairman said that he had made contact with WFA and discovered that the WFA Media Measurement Group was not active at the moment. WFA will inform him when the group reactivated itself. In respect of FIPP, he said that there was an article in their current issue that related to the measurement world to which both he and the BPA had contributed. He would circulate a copy of the article to Members, which should be posted to the IFABC website too.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central knowledge store – in the absence of Ms Szczesna there was no report. The Secretaries said that they had sent a reminder to Members to complete the data on the Regional Newspapers. Three Members had done so.

b. Improve internal communications – Website – Mr. Paul Dovas said that he submitted an update to the Executive Board but had received comments from two only. He hoped that the others would also comment. Chairman said that the items according to priority should be:

- rebranding (urgent)
- new logo on website
- alert system (as soon as possible)
- new logo guidelines for downloading
- training
- uploading of bureau reports,
- news page menu structure
- administrator access for Mr. Burlacu for updating the book
with images

It was agreed that Mr Burlacu be requested to provide the updates and the updates could be done by IFABC and no access to be given to him.

For the menu structure Chairman felt that there must be more feedback from the Board members and then a vote should be taken to decide at the next meeting.

Mr. Paul Dovas agreed to move as soon as possible.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement

a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement – Mr. George Bohlander said that he had spoken to Mr. Richard Foan and they would be having teleconference on 14 January to discussion the integration of the project with the Web Standards Group. He said that Mr. Thomas Bancroft and Ms Carolyn Morgan would also be involved. They hoped to have the first draft for the IFABC Europe meeting in Vienna in May. Mr. Foan would be preparing the proposal.

b. Digital Editions and Publications – the Secretaries said that they had invited Mr. Glenn Hansen to provide an update for the GA minutes and participate in the meeting. He was unable to do so. In the email he had said that he was meeting vendors in the digital space on the subject of DPPs.

c. WFA Digital Audience Measurement Group – Chairman said that he had advised earlier on the meeting about the inactivity of the group.

d. Web Standards Group – Chairman said that ABC UK’s Digital audit group were finalizing a paper on the practicality of ‘in view’ digital advertising measurement. He added that there was controversy surrounding the subject too, as shown by the industry discussion in the USA. He added that he will report when the ABC UK work was complete.

Mr.Paul Dovas spoke of the ICOM meeting in Rome and the 3MS and the great opportunity it presented to IFABC to leap frog the measurement debate and take IFABC to the forefront.

e. ‘ABC of 2015’ - Chairman said that there was not much more to do with the report itself and hoped that Members will use it to inform their stakeholders and develop their bureaux. He added that the Secretaries had circulated the results of the survey amongst the Members on the recent GA and their expectations. Mr. George Bohlander said that it was important to discuss the results at the next meeting. The answers to question 8 were important for the future work programme. Chairman said that the Executive Board should also look at areas for the next Executive Board workplan based on this feedback.

2.1.4 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer reported that the cash in bank amounted to € 43,069-48 as at 17 December. He said that the expenses so far in 2012 had amounted to € 94,176-28 or more than twice the receipts of the IFABC on a cash basis. Chairman requested that a reconciliation between the 2012 budget against actual be carried out for Executive Board’s knowledge. Treasurer suggested that there be more caution in spending in the coming year. He added that an audit will be conducted in January 2013. In response to a question from the Chairman, Treasurer said that the invoices for the 2013 subscriptions would be sent to Members in January 2013.

b. Membership – Chairman said that there has been interest from three areas:

- ABC Croatia – the recommendation for membership approval had been held back until a tele-conference call was held with the applicant. The applicant would be advising the date for the call

- Norwegian ABC – application forms have been forwarded to them and waiting a response. They had acknowledged receipt of the application.

- ABC Russia – the application forms have been sent to them. There has been no response.

Chairman asked Mr. Dovas about the possibility of renewed contact with New Zealand. Mr. Dovas said that nothing much has happened since the first contact and that the industry was in a disorganized state there.

3. NEXT MEETING – the teleconference will be held 10am (London time) on 14 January 2013


4.1 Event Audits – Mr. Paul Dovas said that he will be working on it and will arrange something by end of January 2013.

4.2 World Newsmedia Network – Chairman said that as Members had no views on the matter,it be kep aside for the time being.

4.3 Mr Eusebio Serrano reported that OJD Spain had organized a meeting with ABC China (SPAC) representatives who had visited Madrid on 19th November. They were properly informed and updated about IFABC issues and the results of the last General Assembly.

4.4 Chairman wished everyone a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it and a
Happy New Year.


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