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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time) 20 October 2014.

                                              INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF AUDIT BUREAUX OF CIRCULATIONS

Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10am (London time)
20 October 2014.

Present :
Mr Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair
Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr George Bohlander
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Mr Pedro Silva

Apologies :
Mr Manuel Sala

In Attendance :
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. MINUTES: The minutes of the tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 22 September 2014 having been circulated, were taken as read and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan 2010-2012

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – Chairman said that Mr Manuel Sala had reported that he had emailed the advertising and publisher associations in Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile and was awaiting responses.

In response to a question from the Chairman, the Secretaries reported that they had not heard from any of the other potential countries.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central knowledge store –Ms Iwona Szczesna asked about renaming the system. It was agreed to refer to it as the ‘IFABC cross-platform database’. Ms Szczesna said that she would make a brief presentation on the system at the GA in Rio. She added that there were opportunities to grow after the basic system was installed.

She proposed publishing the 2012 data for the top 50 paid and free consumer and business magazines on the website. This was agreed.

b. Improve internal communications – in the absence of Mr Manuel Sala, there was no report. Chairman reported that he had spoken to Ms Heather Craven, the Interim CEO of the AMAA and she had confirmed that Australia will continue to host the IFABC website.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement

a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement – Mr George Bohlander said that as he was not in the committee, Mr Manuel Sala will report on this matter. Meanwhile, he said that Mr Richard Foan will provide the next steps in this matter and was willing to present it in Rio.

b. Digital Editions and Publications –Mr George Bohlander said that Mr Glenn Hansen had circulated the draft new guidelines to the Executive Board members. The Executive Board approved the new guidelines. Mr George Bohlander said that Mr Glenn Hansen will be able to share the guidelines through video conference to the members at the GA in Rio. Chairman said that once the guidelines was approved at the GA, it would be distributed to all the Members.

2.1.4 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – The Treasurer reported on the following:
- 2014 Annual Membership dues – despite 6 reminders SPAC, China has not settled their dues of €1,300-00.The matter will be tabled at the GA
- Balance in IFABC bank account with HSBC Singapore - €81,609-00 (as per books)
- Transfer of APABC funds into the IFABC bank account – BPA who has been managing the APABC funds has requested that the funds be transferred independently to APABC. However, in practical terms it was not possible to operate an APABC account as APABC was not a legal entity. Therefore there was a suggestion to transfer the funds to the IFABC bank account and to manage them separately in ‘Trust’ for APABC activity. If it was agreeable with the Executive Board, the necessary arrangements would be made at the APABC meeting in Rio to realize the transfer. The Executive Board was in agreement. There was a suggestion that the IFABC Europe should consider doing the same with their funds.
- Tax Filing in Singapore – The Singapore Income Revenue Authority has advised IFABC of a waiver from submitting income tax returns w.e.f. assessment year 2015 due to NIL taxable income or negligible taxable income. However, if IFABC’s taxable income exceeded S$400 in future years then IFABC would be required to submit the tax returns within 6 months from the end of the accounting period. They also requested that this information be passed on to future office bearers too.
- Income and Expenditure for the ten months ending 31 October 2014 – The report would be tabled at the GA. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that although an amount of €8,500-00 being nett value for the system was allocated, there may be some administration and support charges. It was agreed to allocate € 10,000-00 for it.

Mr Pedro Silva reported that programme was almost finalized. The advertiser perspective would be addressed by Mr Joao Ciaco / Fiat LA Advertising VP. Chairman referred Members to the Agenda and finalized the program for 6th November. Mr Pedro Silva said that he would inform the Bureau that would need to share insights in the various planned sessions at the GA.

A total of 15 delegates had registered so far.

4. NEXT MEETING – 4.00pm, 3 November 2014, Hotel Windsor Atlantica, Rio, Brazil.


a. Mr George Bohlander sought for news on the Croatia/Serbia matter. Mr Magnus Paulsson said that he had not heard anything further.

b. Mr George Bohlander said that he would be unable to attend the GA in Rio.

c. The meeting ended at 12 noon.


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