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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, Monday – 18 February 2013.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, Monday – 18 February 2013.

Present :             Mr Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair

                              Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer

                              Ms Iwona Szczesna

                              Mr Paul Dovas

                              Mr Pedro Silva

Apologies           Mr George Bohlander

                              Mr Magnus Paulsson

                              Mr Eusebio Serrano

By Invitation     Mr Richard Foan

In Attendance   Mr J Matthews representing

                              Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd

                              Secretaries to the Federation

1. MINUTES: Tabled the minutes of the meeting held 14 January 2013. Ms Iwona Szczesna referred to the fifth paragraph under Item 2.1.1 b and said that the amendment included a line “However, the Executive Board’s decision is required to be accepted/ratified by the General Assembly”. She felt that it should be a recommendation from the Board. Chairman said that it was in order as the Executive Board would make a recommendation and convey that decision to the General Assembly.

The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held 14 January 2013 having been circulated, were taken as read, and confirmed.


2.1 IFABC Workplan 2010-2012

2.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. IFABC Logo – Chairman said that the new logo has been rolled out to Members and he hoped that the Members were adopting it. Chairman added that a Media Release was sent out by Eulogy! And a number of publications had carried the article. The Secretaries said that they had not received any queries from Members on the matter.

Name change – Chairman said that there was a proposal to keep the initials ‘IFABC’ and change the name to “International Federation for Audited Media”. However, the Executive Board seemed to be split in the matter with some wanting to keep the initials and the name. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she agreed with Mr Dovas’s recommendation to seek Members view on the change. Members should receive the list of arguments / comments pro and con coming from the Executive Board discussion. This was agreed.

b. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – in the absence of Mr Eusebio Serrano there was no report.

Not-for- Profit principle – Chairman said that the proposed amendment to Article 6.13 has been sent out to the Members. There has been some opposition coming from the USA. He added perhaps there was a need to re-clarify that professional auditing firms will still not be able to join as they were not tripartite in nature.

Ms Iwona Szczesna asked what would happen with existing Member bureau who were not in compliant with the Constitution i.e. their structure will not conform to the requirements of the Constitution. There could be instances of a bureau changing its structures so it no longer satisfied the requirements of tripartite membership and the not-for-profit principle after being admitted as a Member. Chairman said that it must be made clear that Members will be obliged to inform the Executive Board when they change their organisational structure. The Secretaries were requested to refer to the Constitution and advise the Executive Board.

2.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development

a. Central knowledge store – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she had uploaded the latest data on National Newspapers and new data on Regional and Local Newspapers on the IFABC website. The Secretaries had informed the Members and two Members had responded. She was waiting for the rest to do so.

b. Improve internal communications – Website – Mr Paul Dovas said that his colleague, Noverina, had put together a User Guide and this has helped some people to upload information on the website. Chairman suggested taking down the information on the General Assembly2012 and to replace it with a link to the documents and presentations produced for its proceedings.

2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement

a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement – Mr Richard Foan summarized the outcome of the recent meeting of the Committee. The Committee will speak to global and European trade association to seek a view on whether there will be a demand for global standards for hybrid measurement; and if there was a demand whether the opportunity would be for IFABC or individual IFABC Members to issue the certificates. He added that he had spoken to ESOMAR and they had their own hybrid standards for TV and Radio. They were open to continuing the dialogue on online hybrid measurement provided that organisations such as MRC and 3MS from the US were also involved. The Committee will speak to IAB Europe and EACA.

There may be an opportunity to prompt a global set of standards if we work with individual IABs in individual countries and issue certificates or validate the results. However, he cautioned that not many people were waiting for the service.

b. Digital Editions and Publications – in the absence of Mr George Bohlander, Chairman said that there was an email from Mr Bohlander which indicated that the Committee was in discussion with Mr Glenn Hansen and he would be convening a meeting of the Committee soon.

c. ABC of 2015 – Chairman said that the Secretaries had circulated the 11 responses from Members to the question “What issues do you think IFABC should address over the coming two years”? He requested the Executive Board Members to revert with their comments so that a new workplan could be established.

d. Event Audits – Mr Paul Dovas reported that he was still looking into the matter.

2.1.4 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer reported that the invoices for the 2013 subscriptions had gone out to Members. 9 Members had already paid their subscriptions. He added that the audit for the year ending 31 December 2012 was underway in Singapore.

He referred to the payment pending on Cyberdesign Works Invoices 26817-1 for A$473-00 for website updates and maintenance and 26873-1 for A$445-50 for the cost of the ability to allow the public to register as member on the website. He added that these invoices were pending Mr Dovas’s approval. Discussion ensued and it was agreed that that the payment could be made when Mr Dovas was satisfied with the completed work.

A bill for payment from Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd for €3,302-00 being secretarial services and out of pocket expenses for the period October 2012 to December 2012 was approved.

Balance in IFABC Account in HSBC bank in Singapore - €54,110-48

b. Membership – The Secretaries said that a note has been sent to the Members to seek their approval to admit ABC Hrvatska as a Full Member of IFABC. Replies were coming in.

3. NEXT MEETING - the next tele conference meeting of the Executive Board will be held 10am (London time) on 25 March 2013


a. Newsletters – Ms Iwona Szczesna volunteered to upload the newsletters on the website. Chairman requested Members to send him any news of interest for the next newsletter.

b. HSBC Bank – The Secretaries reported that the HSBC bank in Singapore had requested the following:

- Registration Certificate from the Registry of Societies duly certified

- latest list of Executive Board Members duly certified

- beneficial ownership declaration

They said that they had written to HSBC bank on 1 February 2013 to inform them that they were unable to extract the documents electronically from the Registry of Societies as the system has not been updated in their website. There has been no reply till todate.

c. Interact Barcelona 2013 – Mr Richard Foan said IAB Europe was organizing the 3rd Interact Conference from the 23-24 May in Barcelona 2013. They were offering IFABC a speaking slot and will waive the delegate fee also. IFABC would have to bear the cost of travel, board and accommodation. It will be an opportunity to showcase and promote IFABC. He asked whether IFABC wanted to support the event. IFABC could be promoted at a European level or global level. Discussion took place and it was agreed to support the event. Mr Richard Foan will start the session with an introduction of IFABC at a global level and then focus on the European level.


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Regarding the subject 2.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement, as you may know, in Romania, BRAT run for more than 5 years an hybrid online Audience Measurement. We issue the data and do a lot of controls/audits with respect tot he service. I would be interested in participating in the IFABC Committee regarding this topics, please let me know the next scheduled meeting.

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