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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, Monday – 17 June 2013.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, Monday – 17 June 2013.

Present :                
Mr Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair
Mr Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr George Bohlander
Mr Paul Dovas
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr Eusebio Serrano
Mr Magnus Paulsson
Mr Pedro Silva

In Attendance :  
Mr J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. IFABC EXECUTIVE BOARD – Chairman said that with the election of Mr Magnus Paulsson as President of IFABC Europe, he assumes the position on the IFABC Executive Board representing the IFABC Europe Group, replacing Mr George Bohlander, the past IFABC Europe President, who must now step down from his position on the Board.
A vacancy has thus been created on the IFABC Executive Board as Mr Magnus Paulsson, who was an elected Member of the Board, now holds an ex-officio role.
Chairman said that Article 13.10 stated that “Should a casual vacancy occur on the Executive Board such vacancy may be filled by the Executive Board co-opting a person representing a Full Member to fill such vacancy.” As the Executive Board had the capacity to address the vacancy, Chairman proposed co-opting Mr George Bohlander to fill the vacancy on the Executive Board. This was unanimously seconded by the rest of the Executive Board members.

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the Executive Board meeting held 15 May 2013 having been circulated were taken as read and confirmed.


3.1 IFABC WORKPLAN 2012/13

3.1.1 Role of IFABC/Industry Advocacy

a. IFABC Name Change Discussion – Ms Iwona Szczesna said that at the previous meeting she had requested to explain that ‘media auditing’ meant nothing in France and ask for the alternative proposal. Chairman said that media auditing referred to media auditors who worked on behalf of clients, evaluating the media buying performance of their agencies. Mr Eusebio Serrano said that he would speak to OJD and find out their opinion on the name change and what descriptor they preferred. Chairman said that the Executive Board had agreed to go with Option 2 – that was to keep the IFABC initials, name and logo but to add a new descriptor. He again requested the Executive Board Members to provide some suggestions as to the descriptor.

b. Promote the growth of bureau in new geographies – Mr Eusebio Serrano said that he had a tele-conference with representatives from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. He had explained the objective of the exercise. He had circulated the letter inviting non-member countries to consider forming a bureau and sought the group’s assistance to implement the idea. They had agreed.
He continued and said that the President had forwarded an interest from Greece to form a bureau. He had contacted the person and had spoken to him. The interested party was representing a consultancy company. Mr Serrano had explained to him about the role and objectives of the IFABC and how to establish a bureau in Greece. He had also sent to him the details which letter has been acknowledged. He added that the person was trying to create a sponsor group from the industry to initiate the move.
Chairman said that the IAB Greece was not very happy with this move but that this was a matter for the industry in Greece to resolve. Mr Paul Dovas said that he was willing to assist if required.

c. Not-for-profit principle – Chairman said that at the IFABC Europe meeting, there was a general agreement after understanding the need to amend the constitution to accommodate existing member bureaux that could not fulfill the ‘not-for-profit’ principle for various reasons. He requested the Secretaries to re-draft the letter with a clear explanation of this rationale. It was agreed to take a fresh vote on the matter.

d. External PR 2013 – Chairman said that he had circulated press clippings where articles on IFABC had appeared. He added that a lot has been done in the past couple of months. Ms Iwona Szczesna suggested that the articles be placed on the website. Chairman said that he would get Eulogy! to provide a similar report on a quarterly basis. He asked Members for any feedback they may have.

3.1.2 Knowledge Sharing/Business Development –
a. Central knowledge store - Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she was waiting for some of the Executive Board Members to complete the latest data on National/Regional Newspapers. Once she had received it, she would circulate to members for their latest data.
She proposed starting a new section on monthly and weekly magazines. The 20 top irrespective of categories could be compiled. Mr George Bohlander suggested the Top 50. It was agreed to request members to submit the Top 50 magazines. It could be monthly and weekly; paid, combined and free.

b. Improve internal communications – Mr Paul Dovas said that Mr Bohlander had suggested that the email alerts that were being sent out should contain a subject matter and a link to the site. He said that according to the developers there will be a cost of A$650. It was agreed to proceed.
Mr George Bohlander said that he would submit the presentations made at the recent IFABC Europe meeting and requested that it be placed in the Members section.

3.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement –
a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement - Mr George Bohlander said Mr Richard Foan had made a presentation at the IFABC Europe meeting recently. Although there were some concerns about hybrid systems from some bureaux, the meeting had agreed to continue and proceed with the idea. A meeting of the Committee will be held 1 July 2013. Mr Paul Dovas said that in Australia a decision had been made for AAMA to focus on census-based traffic measurement with some new metrics added. The industry had agreed to leave hybrid measurement to IAB and Nielsen.
Chairman said that the members in Europe were keen for the committee to proceed. Mr George Bohlander informed about the discussions in the Netherlands about JICs.
Mr Dovas said that the online industry was dominant, and therefore using their influence to claim big numbers and ad revenues. He felt that IFABC could take a leadership position to verify the claims. Discussion took place and it was agreed to add a topic to the Agenda “The Future of Media Measurement – Structure and Methodology’.

b. Digital Editions and Publications – Mr George Bohlander said that Mr Glenn Hansen had held meetings with service providers and media owners in USA and was working on some comparisons of definitions across countries. An email survey has be sent to IFABC Europe members on digital issues. The response would be discussed at the next meeting of the Committee. He said that the issue was that July/August was summer months in Europe and will be very hard to plan a meeting during this period. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that Mr George Bohlander had collected many remarks after the European meeting which will be discussed with the Committee.

c. ABC of 2015 – Chairman shared his presentation made at the IFABC Europe meeting with the Executive Board. He added that if anyone who was not at the meeting had any questions, it could be discussed at the next meeting.

d. Event audits – Mr Paul Dovas said that a survey was run amongst the members and it had attracted 13 responses. There were a number of bureaux offering the service with around 80-100 shows annually. They were reporting similar metrics. 8 bureaux had volunteered to serve on the Committee. BPA had responded that although they provided the service they will not join the Committee. Mr Dovas said that BPA used a different approach – in that the event organisers picked the standard. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that she hoped that the meeting of the Committee will take place soon. Mr Dovas said that he would send a confirmation email to the participants and then find the time for the meeting. He said that he would forward the response from the survey to the Executive Board Members. The next step would be collecting the existing rules from the members.

3.1.4 Governance and Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer reported that the Annual Membership fees had not been received from Mexico and B&H. He added that SPAC had remitted in error to the bank in Mumbai but the IFABC account there had been closed. They were making arrangements to resubmit the fees to the bank in Singapore. Mr Eusebio Serrano agreed to check with Mexico and Mr George Bohlander and Mr Magnus Paulsson agreed to contact B&H.
Treasurer reported that I-COM had paid € 2,034-00 being the commission receivable for IFABC delegates attending the earlier I-COM meeting.
Treasurer reported that he was waiting for invoices from Eulogy! to process the payments.
It was noted that there was a balance of € 69,601-13 in the HSBC bank in Singapore.
Ms Iwona Szczesna said that a half yearly statement of the IFABC actual vs. budget should be tabled for the consideration of the next Executive Board meeting. Treasurer agreed.

b. Membership list – The Secretaries said that they had updated the list and on the approval of the President will be placing it on the website. Also the updated Constitution will be published on approval from the Registry of Societies Singapore.

4. NEXT MEETING – The next tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board will be held 10.00am London time on 22 July 2013. Mr Magnus Paulsson said that he would be on leave.

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