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Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, 19 November 2012.


Minutes of a tele-conference meeting of the Executive Board held 10.00am, London time, 19 November 2012.

Present : Mr. Jerry Wright – President – in the Chair
Mr. Hormuzd Masani – Treasurer
Mr. Eusebio Serrano
Mr. Paul Dovas
Mr. George Bohlander
Ms Iwona Szczesna
Mr. Magnus Paulsson

Apologies : Mr. Pedro Silva

In Attendance : Mr. J Matthews representing
Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd
Secretaries to the Federation

1. 25TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Chairman asked Members for their opinion on the successes and learning from the recently concluded GA. Chairman added that a survey was being conducted amongst the members to seek their views. This will enable the Executive Board to plan for the next GA. Mr. Paul Dovas said that from the feedback he had obtained the learning from the GA was felt to be very important as it could be implemented by them. Mr. Eusebio Serrano said that the summary report on the ‘Future of ABC 2015’ was an excellent document and could be a road map for Members. Some said that they had used the document to present to their own Boards the learning.

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the Executive Board meetings held 22nd and 25th October 2012 having been circulates, were taken as read and confirmed. The draft minutes of the General Assembly held 24-25 October was also approved for circulation to the Members. The Secretaries said that they were awaiting a report on the Digital Editions and Publications Committee to complete the minutes. Mr. George Bohlander agreed to try and obtain the report from Mr. Glenn Hansen.


3.1 IFABC Workplan 2010-2012

3.1.1 Role of ABC/Industry Advocacy

a. External Communications – Chairman said that a PR release was sent out announcing the election of the new Executive Board. The next release planned would cover the outcome of the presentation Future of ABC 2015. It was also noted that the release should be on the website.

b. IFABC Logo/Branding – Chairman tabled the new logo and stationery guidelines. Chairman asked when the new branding be revealed. He felt that it was crucial to change the logo in the website first. Mr. Paul Dovas said that he would speak to the website developers and revert with a date by when the change would occur. Discussion ensued and it was agreed that members will be advised of the change and be asked to download the options from the website. For the letterhead members would have an option on whether to have the strapline or not on their letterhead. It was hoped that the logo in the website would be changed by mid-December followed by the official usage in the new year.

On the suggestion at the GA to consider a name change for IFABC to reflect that it was not solely in print audit, Chairman said that it should not hold up the logo change. He felt that it must be clearly thought out and not done in a hurry. He asked members to send in their thoughts but to try and keep the initials IFABC. Once all the proposals were collected there could be a discussion at the next meeting. There was also a need to obtain Members approval for a name change.

c. Promote the growth of bureaux in new geographies – Chairman said that members at the GA and the Executive Board were of the opinion to promote the growth of bureaux on a worldwide approach. Mr. Eusebio Serrano agreed to lead this charge. He said that he will appoint some members to his committee.

Chairman said that the GA had requested the Board to consider whether the membership requirements would be a deterrent to some bureaux. They asked the Executive Board to discuss the matter related to the ‘not for profit’ principle. Chairman asked whether IFABC should change its constitution to recognize the different organizations, their structures and principles. He said that IFABC should not be seen to be actively ignoring the Constitution and the bylaws. In response to a question, Chairman said that it was not whether IFABC was a not for profit organization but whether the current members of IFABC were practicing the principle of not for profit.

Chairman requested the Secretaries to look at the Constitution and to prepare a paper on the implications if the principle ‘not for profit’ was removed.

d. WFA/WAN-IFRA/FIPP – Chairman said that IFABC should get involved with the with the WFA digital audience measurement study group. He would try to find a way to approach the organization via Mr Fabris or another route.

3.1.2 Knowledge sharing/Business development

a. Ms Iwona Szczesna requested the Secretaries to send out a reminder to Members to submit the data on the regional newspapers. She added that she had not received any additional data but will be putting up on the website what had been collected to date. She asked Mr. Dovas to check whether the content management system would enable members to post their data on the website.

b. Improve internal communication – Website – Chairman requested for a workplan that the committee will do over 4-6 weeks that will include changing the logo; posting the logo and stationery guidelines, the Bureau reports, the presentations done at the GA, an e-alert system to inform members of new things on the website etc. Mr. Paul Dovas said that he would have to discuss the proposals with his team that undertake the work on the web-site, look at the structure of the website, and the need to have a revised menu. Discussion followed and Mr. Magnus Paulsson agreed to help Mr. Dovas in this area of responsibility.

3.1.3 Digital Standards and Measurement

a. ‘Hybrid’ Online Audience Measurement – Chairman said that some recommendations were made at the GA. Mr George Bohlander added that he will start discussions with Mr. Richard Foan on the next steps and report at the next meeting. It was noted that besides Mr Foan and Mr Bohlander, Mr. Manuel Sala, Mr Paul Dovas and Mr Pedro Silva were on the Committee.

b. Digital Editions and Publications – it was agreed to hear from Mr. Hansen the next steps in respect opening discussions with DPPs, especially Zinio, as agreed after their presentation at the GA to DPC.

c. WFA Digital Audience Measurement Group – Chairman said that together with Mr. Foan, they will liaise with Mr. Fabris and find ways to participate in the WFA digital audience measurement group. It was noted that the group will be covering digital platforms generally. He said that they will find out what would be required from IFABC members.

d. Web Standards Group – Chairman said that the group had discussed the work being done in respect of ‘in view’ digital advertising measurement. He asked whether IFABC wanted to get involved. Mr. Paul Dovas felt that it would be better to get involved sooner than later. Chairman said that he would speak to Mr. Richard Foan on the matter.

e. ABC of 2015 – Chairman said that the summary of the IFABC Future 2015 as prepared by the consultants constituted a written document. The summary had been circulated to the Members. He said that the Executive Board should review the work for the next GA in 2014. He hoped that Members were taking learnings from the recommendations made. Ms Iwona Szczesna said that perhaps IFABC should ask the Members whether they were going to adopt any of the recommendations.

3.1.4 Governance & Finance

a. Finance – Treasurer tabled the following invoices for payment: OJD Spain – Invoice No 2489/2012 for € 2,376-00 being expenses incurred for the IFABC Executive Board meeting held 22 October 2012; and Invoice No 2490/2012 for €15,000-00 expenses incurred on behalf of IFABC in respect of the GA held in Madrid
Penmaen Media Ltd – Invoice 1174 for € 3,230-00 being the final 20% payment (€ 2,400-00)for the study Future ABC 2015 and their travel expenses (€830-00) to present the report at the GA in Madrid.

Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd – Invoices 004/11/2012 and 005/11/2012 for € 3,747-30 and € 3,305-15being professional fees in respect of secretarial and out of pocket expenses for the months of April to June 2012 and July to October 2012 respectively. Invoice 001/11/2012 for € 7,249-03 being reimbursement of expenses incurred for the GA in Madrid.

Discussion ensued and it was agreed that a budget allocation be provided to the secretaries to attend the GA in future. Treasurer said that he has not received any invoices from the other two speakers at the GA. He added that there was one more invoice outstanding being reimbursement of the cost of a gift at the GA.

Treasurer said that he had allocated an additional budget of € 1,900 to Penmaen Media Ltd for a written report on the Future ABC 2015. Chairman said that the written summary had been sent out and as there was no cost incurred, he would suggest using the budget for the logo and stationery guidelines exercise.

Treasurer reported that the balance in the HSBC bank in Singapore was € 78,346-26.

b. Membership – Chairman said that IFABC Europe had approved the application for Full Membership from ABC Hrvatska (Croatia). Chairman said that there was a requirement for a face to face meeting. He suggested that a video conference be organized with them to finalise the process before seeking members approval. The Secretaries were requested to arrange the meeting. Chairman requested that Mr. George Bohlander also participate in the discussions.

Chairman said that Croatia had raised a complaint against ABC Serbia. Chairman requested the Secretaries to reply to them to state that the membership documents seemed to be in order and subject to the video conference it will be sent to Members for their approval. It was also agreed to inform them that IFABC has not given any authority or backing to anyone or any organization to start an ABC in Croatia.

4. NEXT MEETING – the next teleconference meeting will be held 10am, London time on 17 December 2012


5.1 World Newsmedia Network – Chairman said that he had received an email from Ms Martha Stone, CEO of WorldNewsmedia Network, a not-for-profit association. They had come out with the “Global Digital Media Trendbook’ and were the opinion that it would be ideal for our Members. To be involved there were two options:

Distribution partner – IFABC to distribute the summary of the report to its Members and send their media innovation survey to the members 3 times a year; or Publishing Partner – IFABC to distribute the full report to the Members. There will be a licence fee.

Chairman asked the Executive Members to revert with their opinion.

5.2 Event Audits – Mr. Paul Dovas reported that the feedback from the GA was that a lot of people, particularly in the Asia-Pacific group were interested in event audits and would like to know how to go about doing it. He added that the consultants had also recommended event audits as one of the revenue earners for ABCs. He said that perhaps a quick survey be done amongst the members to find out the interest and the needs. Chairman said that in the UK, the ABC audited about 100 shows. The big event companies were more engaged than the smaller ones. The issue limiting take-up was the lack of pressure from buyers to have audited data, as many exhibitors made their decisions on the basis of their experience the previous year. He said ABC UK will be happy to share their experience. He requested Mr. Paul Dovas to go ahead and organize it.


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